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  • Luxury Heatable Cozy Boots


    These extra plush microwave heated slippers will give the luxurious warmth and comfort that your feet deserve. While in bed or watching TV, they’ll soothe your tired and aching tootsies each and every day.

  • Luminara Real Wax LED Candles

    From: $47.95

    It’s the candle that’s safe to burn anywhere, any time. This realistic candle features a vanilla scented wax candle base, with an internal LED source for a lifelike flame complete with timer function.

  • Original Ring Thing Bottle Opener

    $4.95 From: $2.00

    Comfortable to wear, it’s an indispensable bottle opener in the form of a ring. Yes, ring! The must have fashion accessory for anyone who well…drinks.

  • Citrus Zinger Water Bottle


    Create your own light and refreshing citrus water infusions with this unique water bottle with built in citrus juicer. Easy to use, easy to clean, great to drink!

  • Seishin Tougei Egglings Crack & Grow Kit

    From: $19.95

    An Eggling is a unique self-contained herb garden that makes for the perfect gift for anyone – just crack its top and water! The seed will grow for 5 months and can be replanted in soil afterwards. Pick from Lavender, Mint, Petunia or Wild Strawberry.

  • Keychain Mini Alarm w/ LED Torch


    The key to your personal safety is this powerful personal alarm on a convenient keychain with LED light. It’s the gift idea that works for all!

  • Heatable Cozy Slippers


    Winter is fast approaching and there’s nothing worse than the feeling of freezing cold feet and toes that even wearing multiple pairs of socks can’t fix! Just like a hot water bottle keeps you nice and warm, the microwave slippers keeps your feet toasty and cosy. With plush fabric that feels soft against your skin, the slippers are designed to relax your tired and aching feet after a big day in the office, shopping or anything else. Wrap up warm this winter with these luxury heatable slippers.

  • Michael Graves Teapot Kettle


    Methinks the Mad Hatter would go stark raving bonkers over these cool, colourful teakettles from Michael Graves Design: A great way to spice up your kitchen décor and add a bit of madness to your next tea party.

  • Design-a-Plate


    Design-a-Plate is a craft project that becomes a collectible gift. It’s so easy! It comes with design templates as well as special felt markers, so you can design and draw whatever you like AND you can change it as much as you like.

  • Avanti CocoCut Coconut Opener


    Open coconuts the smart and safe way with the CocoCut Coconut Opener – enjoy fresh coconut water with just a twist!

  • On Sale

    Mighty Mug Go Non-Spillable Mug

    $22.95 $21.95

    If you’ve ever spilled coffee in your keyboard, Mighty Mug is here to ensure it never happens again. Made from high quality BPA free biodegradable plastic and triple walled to give you maximum thermostat effect – you’d be a mug not to order now.

  • Jellycat Bashful Blossum Bunny

    From: $17.95

    Stylish and hopelessly adorable, the blossom bashful bunny is a bespoke plush toy that makes a great gift for babies, children and adults alike.

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No one is born with a natural gift giving talent. It is a learned behaviour that is influenced by many different factors such as culture, personality, budget and the ability to understand another’s interests, character and unique tastes. Matching a gift to suit their individual preferences but also convey the right message is difficult – sometimes you get it right, and a lot of times you will get it wrong. Of course one has to really consider the art of gift giving before they can develop such a talent for it and if you neither have the time nor the inclination, there is a solution: LatestBuy.

From homewares to gadgets, to novelties, LatestBuy has done all the hard work brainstorming present ideas and globe-trotting around the world for the latest unique gifts and personalised gifts.

Whether it’s a gift for a baby or something inspiring for an oldie, each LatestBuy gift idea is distinctive and engaging. Not to toot our own horn, but we have literally changed the way people shop for online gifts in Australia.

So if you’re all about the surprise, detest boredom and all manifestations of this feeling (note: boring gifts) and really do need to buy something for the person who has everything, then our Christmas Gift and Birthday Gift guides will make shopping online a breeze – and turn you into a gift giver that people will actually remember!