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Showing 1 - 48 of 60 products
Stranger Things Will the Wise Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Will Ornament
Stranger Things Will 5-Star Vinyl FigureStranger Things Will 5-Star Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Mike SuperCute Plush
Stranger Things Steve & Dustin Vynl.Stranger Things Steve & Dustin Vynl.
Stranger Things Mike Pop! VinylStranger Things Mike Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Mike Ornament
Stranger Things Lucas Ornament
Stranger Things Mike 5-Star Vinyl FigureStranger Things Mike 5-Star Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Lucas Ghostbuster Pop! VinylStranger Things Lucas Ghostbuster Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Lucas & Dustin Vynl.Stranger Things Lucas & Dustin Vynl.
Stranger Things Lucas 5-Star Vinyl FigureStranger Things Lucas 5-Star Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Hopper with Vines Pop! VinylStranger Things Hopper with Vines Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Erica Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Hopper Date Night Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Eleven with Wig SuperCute PlushStranger Things Eleven with Wig SuperCute Plush
Stranger Things Eleven (Season 2) Pop! VinylStranger Things Eleven (Season 2) Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Eleven Ornament
Stranger Things Eleven Elevated Pop! VinylStranger Things Eleven Elevated Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Eleven & Barb Vynl.Stranger Things Eleven & Barb Vynl.
Stranger Things Eleven 5-Star Vinyl FigureStranger Things Eleven 5-Star Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Dustin in Hockey Gear US Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Dustin Ornament
Stranger Things Dustin at Camp Pop! Vinyl
Stranger Things Dustin 5-Star Vinyl FigureStranger Things Dustin 5-Star Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Demogorgon Ornament
Stranger Things Demogorgon 6" Pop! VinylStranger Things Demogorgon 6" Pop! Vinyl

We are opening the Stranger Things Door for You

The Strange Plot!

Stranger Things is a Netflix-exclusive American science fiction horror drama television series developed by the Duffer Brothers. Along with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen, the brothers act as showrunners and executive producers. On July 15, 2016, Netflix released the series. The first season is set in the 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, and follows the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy (Will Byers) amid mysterious phenomena in the community, such as the emergence of a girl with psychokinetic skills (Eleven). Will's adverse effects from being in the Upside Down, with its beings crawling into the actual world, are the centre of the second season. As the kids continue their war against the Upside Down forces, the third season centres on Eleven and Mike's friendship.

Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana!

A peaceful and picturesque setting that makes you wonder if anything ever happens there until they find secret laboratories that transform their life forever. El and the new acquaintances she made along the road, with eggos on the side, are the only good takeaways we get from this.

The good news is that you can now recreate your own Hawkins Indiana at home thanks to our Stranger Things collection! One character at a time, bring a piece of this lovely yet odd village with you!

Bring the Mystery with you Everywhere!

Who says the Stranger Things memorabilia we have in stock are just for showing off on your shelf or in your collection? We know you want to flaunt how big of a Stranger Things fan you are, so start by dangling your favourite character from your luggage or keys! So have a look through our collection and see which figure you'd like to take with you everywhere you go!

Stranger Things as Funko Pop

Stranger Things is such a hit that it's no wonder that Funko Pop has created Funko Pop versions of your favourite Stranger Things characters! The characters and their classic looks are guaranteed to be embraced in this collection, from El in her iconic blonde hair and denim jacket look (with eggos on the side) to Steve, simply being the cool Steve that he is!

So don't wait till everyone else gets these Funko Pop figures; check out our collection today to see which one you'll be getting (there's nothing wrong with having them all)!

Barbara Is Here!

Fans of Stranger Things, rejoice: the long wait is over, as Barb has finally been discovered as a collectable in our collection! Barb may be missing, but she can now be found in your collection if you add a Barb collectable to your shopping cart today! She's been a great friend to Nancy, and she'll be a great friend to you as well!

Make sure that Barb is remembered, one Stranger Things collectible at a time!

Stranger Holidays for You!

It doesn't matter how old you are when it comes to Stranger Things fever! Because the show's retro aesthetic appeals to both older viewers and younger viewers, as well as its focus on friendship and the youthful cast, Stranger Things collectibles never go out of style. The best Stranger Things gifts are right here for you if you're still working on your holiday shopping list! Find the perfect gift for your lover, friend, or coworker by browsing our assortment.

Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

We all enjoy the cast of the show, but have you ever pondered who your alter ego is? Then keep reading to see if you're on the team as you think you are!

Show them those Pearls, Dustin!

It's impossible to find a better buddy than him or her For as long as I can remember, you have never been afraid to tell your friends the truth.

You always have munchies on hand, and if required, you'll create a search party to find pudding. You've got an insatiable need for knowledge and intellect that's well ahead of your years.

Oh sweet, you are Mike!

Having you around as a buddy is a gift, especially considering how dedicated you are to locating your long-lost closest friend Will. Those who know you know that you're a natural leader who always takes care of the people closest to you—and Eleven is proof of that.

That was some impressive D&D storytelling; you've almost convinced us to spend ten hours playing a video game because of it.

Found you! You're such a Barb!

The best buddy someone could ever ask for, and the most honest person you'll ever meet. Despite knowing you'll be the third wheel at the party, you go nonetheless because you care so much. When you're on your own path, no one can bring you down. The jeans, the sweaters, the glasses...almost it's too 80's for us to handle! A Barb in your life is essential.

Fight and Protect, Hopper!

You've had your share of hardships, but you've come out the other side stronger for it. Despite the insane events that have occurred recently, you've been compelled to step up your efforts as a police officer. You may not have the best detective skills, but your desire to rid the world of corruption and uncover the truth more than compensates.

Having you as the police chief of Hawkins, Indiana, is something of a blessing for the town. Persevere in your noble cause!

More from Stranger Things!

Stranger Things 4, the fourth season of the American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things, is set to premiere on Netflix in mid-2022. Everyone is eager, and we're confident that Stranger Things collectibles will be huge by then, so get ahead of the game and grab the best Stranger Things collectable before everyone else!

Get these Stranger Things with You!

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