What is a Hen Party, and Why Do We Celebrate It?

What is a Hen Party , and Why Do We Celebrate It

A hen party or hen night is an event organized for a woman who’s about to get married, also known as a bachelorette celebration. While many women believe that the term “hen” is merely a female version of a stag night, history tells us otherwise.

While the two events are similar in concept, they are also drastically different in their origin and early meaning. While both men and women organize most modern celebrations of this kind, there was a time when only women attended such parties – a fact that has been documented throughout the years.


Hen Party is Fun

The word hen night originally referred to a night out at a funfair, a festival or event that involved a group of young people who were considered prom queens. In some cultures, it referred to a gathering of young women who were banished from the family for the night.

While most modern hen parties involve a more upscale crowd, these were, and still are, quite common in many parts of the world. While most people think of a hen party as involving rowdy girls in sexy outfits and drinking, it was, in fact, a celebration for single women that did not exclude men – but rather one that involved them in as much activity as possible.



One of the more popular activities that take place at a hen party these days is role-playing. This is where people can dress up as a maid, bride and groom, or any other type of important personage for a night of fun.

This allows people to have fun just like they would at a real wedding while trying out different costumes. What is a hen party without good food, great drinks and great company? The best hen party does not take long to put together if someone wants it to be an actual affair.


The History of Hen Party

The word hen was first used in the 1620s as slang for women, and during the 1800s, there was a publication that referred to ‘hen party’ as a gathering of females.

But this kind of celebration was first practised during ancient Greece. It was divided into three parts, which one was celebrated by the soon-to-be bride together with her mother and female friends as she prepares for the wedding.

Some sacrifices would be made, like giving off her childhood toys to the goddess Artemis for the protection she bestowed during the bride-to-be’s younger years.


Why We Celebrate Hen Party?

When you are thinking about celebrating the special occasion of a hen party, one of the questions you might ask is, why do we celebrate and what do we do on hen parties? The answer to this question depends upon the persons.

Some might consider it a waste of time, while others might consider it the most excellent way to spend their last day with their friends and family before tying the knot. Whatever the thoughts are, there is no denying that it is a significant part of the entire wedding experience.


We want to have last-minute fun!

Why do we celebrate it? One reason is that the various guests’ presence adds spice to the party and helps make it more enjoyable when more people are present at the hen’ party, more meaningful to mingle with different people and meet people who have shared things in common.

This can quickly create an environment where fun is the prominent note.


We bond with our friends.

Another reason is that it is the perfect opportunity to bond with your girlfriends and spend quality time with each other. It also enables you to be more comfortable and at ease with each other because many people would not surround you. When you want to break away from the daily routine, just come together and celebrate the hen party.

You can choose to stay at a resort, and you can opt for a private hen-day club. Whatever your choice may be, it is always better that you spend time together as you know that you will be married the next day.

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