The Origin of Sweet Sixteen

The Origin of Sweet Sixteen

The superstition surrounding the age at which one is eligible for marriage has also fueled much of the mystery surrounding this day.  A boy over sixteen who married would become a member of the bride’s family’s household. Therefore, for both boys and girls who married at this age, this was a delightful event in their life.

The United States, being a country of immigrants, may have had the exact origins of Greek culture. Though this is not entirely certain, people believe that the Pilgrims would have come to the United States around this time, crossing the Atlantic Ocean aboard Mayflower.


What Exactly is Sweet Sixteen?

Sweet sixteen is also used as a designation for the birthday of a female when she goes to college or becomes an adult. Regardless of the origin of this term, the significance that it holds in each individual’s life is significant.

When teenagers turn sixteen in today’s world, they are handing down the holiday referred to as seniority. Many children’s books and television shows make this term a part of the cultural history of that generation. Although not everyone embraces the concept of seniority, the symbol of a sweet sixteen also originates from this ancient symbol. Many parents wish to celebrate this time in their child’s life with something special. A unique way to do this is to create a gift that speaks to this age of accomplishment and remembrance.


The Story of Origins

We can trace back the origin of the sweet sixteen celebrations to Queen Elizabeth I. Her reign marked the beginning of the middle ages when clothing and fashion were both made mandatory. The modern sweet sixteen has its roots firmly planted in the century that birthed the famous institution of the four-year-old. 16th birthday gifts marking this necessary age span were often given between generations of a family. The modern celebration of the sweet sixteen comes as a happy compromise between tradition and contemporary tastes.

Some sixteen-year-olds may feel more like they are a couple of years old. While sixteen is still a very young age, a unique gift for your sweet sixteen would stir up memories for her that she can carry with her through life. Items such as lockets and jewellery would bring a smile to this special girl’s face. Other popular gifts for this age include stuffed animals and the like. Whether the origin of the sweet sixteen is tied to an event in history or simply a desire to celebrate this special milestone, the gift is to honour a time that should be remembered and treasured forever.


A Special Day to Remember

Sweet sixteen symbolizes another year of triumph and welcoming another year to show how grateful we are as we welcome another chapter in our lives as young ones. Setting aside all the glamour and fab, let us all remember the importance of celebrating this particular time of our life. That is why choosing a perfect venue for the 16th birthday party is also important. It’s not just about the fun and the attention we get, not the materials and gifts we receive. Still, the blessing we can experience and feel as we welcome another year of excitement and prosperity.

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