X5 UV LED Flashlight (Titanium/Ultraviolet LED)

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    • Brand INOVA
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The INOVA X5 UV flashlight provides powerful, practical UV illumination no matter what the task at hand. UV light is used to detect counterfeit currency and provide access control at bars, concerts and events. It is also used to cure adhesives and in HVAC repair. Automotive repairmen use UV light to assist in the repair of air conditioner, oil, and sunroof leaks. Crime scene investigators use it to see blood and bodily fluids during investigations and outdoor enthusiasts use it to spot animal blood while hunting. UV light is also helpful in detecting repairs in paintings and rugs. Wherever you need UV illumination, the INOVA X5 UV flashlight will provide the highest quality most reliable lighting available.

  • Brand INOVA
  • Shipping Weight 0.0005kg
Length : 12 cm Width : 2 cm
Height : 2 cm Volume : 48 mL


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