Customer Guarantee

At LatestBuy, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Here’s our customer guarantee to you:

  1. You will receive a professional, yet friendly, courteous and first-class shopping experience. You will find our website works flawlessly and efficiently, all the time maximising the convenience and ‘fun’ of shopping online.
  2. ‘The Latest, Most Amazing Gifts for Everyone – by adding at least one new product to our website each and every day, you will find a unique gift for any occasion.
  3. Your security and privacy will always be treated with the utmost importance and respect. Credit card details are stored on our systems only for as long as they need to be; you will not receive email ‘spam’, nor will your details ever be sold to third parties.
  4. You will be charged a flat delivery fee, irrespective of order size and only need to decide how quickly you would like your items delivered?
  5. All ‘in stock’ orders received by 12 noon each business day are dispatched the same day, with remaining orders dispatched the following business day.
  6. Any communication with us will be acknowledged within one business day of receipt. You will have the option of calling and speaking to a ‘real’ person through a national customer service line during business hours, waiting no longer than two minutes.
  7. We will communicate with you frequently from the time your order is placed, until it is delivered, bringing to your attention any unexpected delays in the dispatch of your order as soon as possible.
  8. You will be able to track the current status of your order at any time through our website and the links provided in your email confirmation(s).
  9. Love it or exchange if – you have the right to return any product to us not meeting your expectations within 365 days of your order.
  10. Returns received are processed within two business days – where an exchange is appropriate, this can be turned around in as little as one week, even after considering to and fro shipping.
  11. As you refer your friends and family to you’re assured they will also receive Our Commitment, so you can feel good about referring.
  12. Your feedback is critical to our continual ongoing improvements. If we make a mistake please tell us (but, please give us praise when we do well). Your ideas, comments and suggestions are always wanted by our Team. We want to set the standard, but if we do make a mistake you can be assured we’ll learn from it and correct it quickly.
  13. By no means are these the only standards you are entitled to measure us fact, as we push the leading edge of gift retailing online, you’ll find we’ll add more standards to give you the best experience possible.

Shaun & Darren Campbell, Co-founders

Click here to download a PDF of the LatestBuy Customer Guarantee.