Great Mother’s Day Gift

Great Mothers Day Gift for An absolute Mom

How to Surprise Mum with a Great Mother’s Day Gift

By the time you’ve found a great Mother’s Day gift for mum, you can’t help yourself from smirking. Just imagine the surprised look on her face while you’re handing the gift. Precious eh? But what more if she’ll open it up? Bet, she’ll be crying a river.

On this special day, why not make the extra effort to make an unforgettable memory with Mum? Anyone can simply buy a unique or expensive gift and wrap it elegantly. But the way you give it can make the event more memorable and special. Thus, making the day more extraordinary.

So, to help you in your endeavour, here are some few tips on the best ways to catch your mum off-guard. And give her a great Mother’s Day gift in a way she’ll never forget.

 1.  Special FX Lightsaber Sword

Special FX Lightsaber Sword - Great Mother's Day Gift
The improbable delivery person. Your mum probably thinks that you’ll be the one handing out the present. That’s how one thinks logically though. But to make Mother’s Day more surprising, ask someone she least expects to give the present. Under this circumstance, your mum will be blown away as she unwraps your present.

Okay, now that’s settled, time for me to find you a great Mother’s Day gift. If you’re just about to leave home to pursue education then it’s best to leave something that will remind her of you. All the more if this gift has some story behind it. Like once upon a time you and mum had all the time in the world to watch Star Wars over and over again. And now that you are moving away from home, she can still watch the movie series with a Special FX Lightsaber Sword to remember you by. Then have a friend dress as any character in the movie and deliver the lightsaber to her. With a lasting message of “May the Force be with you”.

 2.  Bullshit Button

Bullshit Button - Great Mother's Day Gift
Fake out packaging. A bit of deception can bring a more memorable surprise gift-giving to your mum. That trick here is to sow seeds of disappointment. Sometimes even a bit of fury would work. But not just too much if you still want a pretty face. You can do it by giving her an empty box instead and save the real one for later. Or perhaps, put your present in boxes and put non-appropriate items for Mother’s Day. Just like this Bullshit Button for instance. This item will swear for you! But be careful though, she might use this against you. Together with Bullshit Button, you can also add detergent soap packages or boxes of men’s undergarments. It’s more fun to see that frown turn into a grin on the face when you give her the real present at the end.

 3.  ED Tealight Candles (Set of 12)

ED Tealight Candles (Set of 12) - Great Mother's Day Gift
Scavenger hunt. Make this during the night and organise a dinner for Mum. This gimmick requires a bit more work but really pays up in the end. Instead of directly giving your mum the present, give her the first clue towards another clue. And thus, in the end, get this LED Tealight Candles (Set of 12) that leads to the actual treasure or your Mother’s Day present. The candles create a romantic ambience. Hence, adding a mysterious mood to this Mother’s Day is definitely interesting. You can also tie up personal information or experiences between you and your mum. This way, you can strengthen your bonds as mum and child.

 4.  Instant Table Tennis

Instant Table Tennis - Great Mother's Day Gift
The unexpected discovery. Instead of handing it out to mum easily. Let her stumble on it. Don’t miss wrapping it though. Because she wouldn’t think it’s a gift for her otherwise. Most preferable put a dedication card as well. So, when she picks it up she’ll know right on that it’s a surprise for her. No matter how cheap that gift is, as long as you are giving it with more thought than you usually do. For example, if you know she loves table tennis, then give her an Instant Table Tennis! So, she can play instant tennis on the go. Or you can challenge her to a duel. And spend quality time together.

 5.  Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand w/ Stylus

Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand w/ Stylus - Great Mother's Day Gift
Your special place. If you’re really close then there should be one place only you and mum go to. It could be anywhere really. But it should be a place full of memories especially for you both. It could be the fast food where you always meet. Or the church. When Mother’s Day comes, set up a date with her and bring her there. Then give a great Mother’s Day gift. Such as a Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand w/ Stylus. This would be perfect for her. Especially if she loves to cook and enjoys using the tablet to see recipes. Imagine how comfortable can the same chore for her if she has this handy item.

Being taken great care by her children is a mum’s ultimate Mother’s Day gift. But being able to express your concern and affection, first requires you to know what she needs. Take time to know your mum more. Take time to listen to her wishes and make her feel loved this Mother’s Day. Make this a day for her to remember. Keep in mind, good memories can’t be bought. But still, you can buy great things to make good memories, eh?

Want a great Mother’s Day gift to be extra memorable?

Gift her with our products. Make sure your mum remember you every time she looks at one of our amazing gifts. And if that’s still not enough, express your thoughts on Mother’s Day cards. A great Mother’s Day gift comes with a great card. For first time Mums out there, make your first Mother’s Day special! For more tips and gifts, please stop by at our website. Make this day stand above all other occasions and make your mum’s wishes into a reality.

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