Cool & Unusual Remote Control Gifts

When we talk about remote controls, we’re not just talking about your standard TV remote (although we do have a few of those available if you’re looking for one!). No, we’re talking of cool, novel and wonderful ways to stay in control of your gadgets and electronics. So browse our products below to see what we’re talking about!


Cool & Unusual Remote Control Gifts

Remote Control Toys

There's something fascinating about being able to fly your own plane or drive an expensive sports car. Even if it is only a mini version of the real thing. If you're searching for sizzling gifts for boys, whatever their age, or even hens games then remote control toys and gadgets make a great present for any technology junkies, geeks and budding mechanics. You can even keep them occupied for a few hours assembling some of them!

Gadgets & Phone Accessories

Put your hands up if you can be a bit lazy sometimes? It's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, the LatestBuy team hardly even need to leave our desk anymore with some of these genius gadgets to stay in control of our devices, such as electric candles and flameless candles from Perth. Turn on the lights, find your keys, give presentations and more with some of these innovative phone accessories and other inventions.

Essential Accessories for electronics

We don't mean to kill the buzz about brilliant gifts and gadgets, but if you have a power surge or lose the remote, then you won't be able to fuel your fun for long. That's why this gift guide is also full of essentials for your electronics, from adaptors and powerboards to universal remotes. They might not be the most exciting of presents, but whilst you're stocking up on cool gifts you could kill two birds with one stone!

The world might be a long way off being served by robots. But until that time comes, you can buy a few cool gadgets in Australia and remote controls that will indulge your lazy side and make your technology more fantastic. So get searching the products below for some great gift ideas and handy household essentials.