Lamps and Lights to Keep Things Bright

When it comes to modern lighting, lamps have come a long way since the humble candle with technology such as L E D table lamps and funky projector alarm clocks. Take a closer look at our range of bedside lamps, table lamps, LED candles and quirky novelty lamps for every room and all members of the family to complement your distinct tastes and interior design ideas!


Lamps and Lights to Keep Things Bright

Lighting Essentials

Let LatestBuy be your new destination for audio and visual essentials! Party lighting, bedroom, living room and more, our collection includes lighting for every room and every occasion. You'll find lighting that is interesting, unusual, fun, collectible and above all useful!

What Are Table Lamps?

It may be stating the obvious, but table lamps are lamps that can sit on a flat surface like a desk or a table! Traditional table lamps usually comprised a base, stem and shade, but when you buy a table lamp these days you don't have to be so limited in your choices! Our offering of lamps for tables includes a bunch of cool and unusual table lamps for a bedroom, office or living room that are definitely NOT traditional! From a cowboy boot, to a globe or a colour changing cube we have desk lamps and table lamps to give your home an instant injection of personality.

Where to Buy Table Lamps?

LatestBuy is your number one resource when you are looking for sci-fi or fantasy genre table lamps to buy in Australia! Our selection of table lamps includes many that originate with your favourite sci-fi characters or themes. Check out our unicorn table lamp or how about a silver dragon or a skull with LED eyes? All these and more await you in our lighting department! Just browse our suggestions at the top of this page to find them.

How to Buy Table Lamps?

Buying fun table lamps has never been easier! Just look through our list of lights, pick one that tickles your fancy and add it to your shopping cart! Our animal table lamps are a lot of fun and choosing the correct size table lamp is easy because there are eight types of animal desk lamp to choose from!

Are There Battery Operated Table Lamps?

With the advent of LED technology, battery operated table lamps are now a possibility. Several of our choices are powered by batteries including our LED candles that can be used as table lamps.

Are There Cordless Table Lamps?

If you need cordless table lamps for restaurants or a busy place of business, you will definitely want to check out our solar powered colour changing table light! No cords and the batteries recharge in sunlight!

Touch Sensitive Lamps

Forget the old fashioned light switch with our selection of touch lamps. These touch sensitive lamps work using heat or electrical capacitance and our selection includes cool lighting options like a globe lamp.

Novelty Dr Who Lamps

Of course when it comes to lighting and table lamps to buy, LatestBuy is the first place to come for Dr Who lamps! Included in our lighting ideas are several high tech lights with a Whovian flavour including Sonic Screwdriver lights and a Dalek keychain light.

Novelty Lamps

We can't really talk about novelty lamps without mentioning our motion "Magma" table lamps. If you've ever wondered whats inside a lava lamp, don't try this at home, but it's pretty interesting! Some of our lava lamps are touch lamps and they make great mood lighting for parties and such, but they also work as bedside lamps so they're pretty useful things to have around really!

If you are looking for fun LED lights or cool bedside lamps for your kids (or kids at heart!), take a look at our disco lamp or volcano desk lamp.

Bedside Lamps

When you are looking for lighting for a bedroom, you don't have to stick with old-fashioned floor lamps. Bedside lamps come in many shapes and forms, the only real criteria for a bedside lamp is that it is lighting that can be placed near a bed! We have many fun and different options for bedside lamps including Sci-Fi and fantasy lights, disco lights and more traditional lights that can be used for reading before bedtime.

Best Bedside Lamps for Reading

Speaking of reading, we have a variety of lighting options that can be used as bedside lamps for the bookish crowd. Our suggestions for the best bedside lamps for reading include a magnifying desk lamp or a clip-on light.

Fun Nightlights and Bedroom Lighting

For some children (and adults) having lamps or a nightlight is required for a peaceful night's sleep. Our range of bedroom lighting includes educational globe touch lamps as well as great ideas that can match your child's bedroom décor like Avengers or Transformers wall lights, a nightlight that doubles as an LED torch and a motion sensing nightlight that is just perfect for a baby's room! To find them, just browse our lighting picks which are handily displayed at the top of this very page!

LED Candles

We've come a long way since candles were the major source of lighting for the home! The history of candles now has a new chapter with the invention of led candles!

What Are LED Candles?

LED candles are a marvel of modern technology that allows you to have authentic looking flameless candles in your home or garden. The latest versions in our selection of lighting encompass all types of candles including traditional pillar candles and tea light candles. These battery operated candles even have scents like vanilla in some cases!

Why LED Candles Are the Safest Option

Who doesn't love scented candles? They are a great way to make your home smell wonderful, but the truth about candles is that they can be dangerous and we've all heard the horror stories of candles gone wrong. Even simple tea light candles can cause a house fire in the wrong circumstances. Avoid the worry and switch to LED candles! They are flameless and battery operated, so there is no open flame to deal with and you don't have to rummage around for matches or a lighter every time you want to use one! LatestBuy's lighting selection includes several options for LED candles to light your home or business, ranging from cheap LED tea light candles to the latest in luxury LED candle technology with the super realistic Luminara brand of LED candles with remotes.