Start Your Party with Drinking Games from LatestBuy!

Drinking games are a sure fire way to add instant fun to any situation involving alcohol! From drinking games for 5 or less at small casual gatherings to drinking games for parties that can get everyone involved, LatestBuy has drinking games for all types of occasions! Drinking games with cards, drinking games without cards and even drinking games without drinking, some you’ll recognise, some are new…check out our collection of drinking games and accessories on this page to get your party guests giggling.

Start Your Party with Drinking Games from LatestBuy!

Dr Who Drinking Games

Here at LatestBuy we know a thing or two about Dr Who and we have a whole department of Dr Who gear. Next time you've got friends over, why not put on a pair of our straw drinking glasses and play T.V. drinking games with the Doctor? Take a swig of your "Tardis-tini" every time you see the Tardis on screen, two drinks when someone makes reference to the inside of the Tardis and so on. You can play this drinking game with movies too or use it with another show like an O.C. drinking game or a movie like a Star Wars drinking game!

What Drinking Games Are "In" (21 and Over)?

If you're inventive, you don't need a lot of equipment to play f u n drinking games with your responsible friends age 21 and over. There are countless drinking games for movies (or make up your own) which make great drinking games for couples or small groups when you need quick and easy drinking games for 3 or 4 people. There are even drinking games with Jenga; in fact a lot of children's games can be made into a drinking game! Anyone for drunk "Simon Says" or "Shooters and Ladders"?

Get creative with drinking games with dice, but don't forget the old favourites such as drinking games with cups like beer pong, but make sure to drink responsibily with a designated driver and have fun with the best drinking games in history!

What Drinking Games to Play at College Parties?

If you need ideas for drinking games for 4 or more people for a college party, look into our drinking games set which literally has 1000 game ideas. Stay safe and make good decisions ahead of time with these partying safety tips for teenagers and have fun! Drinking party games are a great way to "break the ice" and many of the best drinking games involve shots…try our "Wheel of Shots" for a hilarious way of getting drunk in almost no time; it's one of the most fun drinking games for two plus people that doesn't require much thought or preparation. Get one of our "Alcohol Shot Guns" to get your drink on in an instant plus it's great if you don't have any clean cups in your flat! Professional drinkers can also test their endurance with a Centurion drinking game while those planning a girls' night in can have fun with drinking games for girls that are slightly more sophisticated. Test out some easy drinking games such as drinking games with cups or get ideas for drinking games online.

What Are Good Drinking Games When You Are Out?

So, you're heading out for a night on the town: what drinking games without cards for 2 friends can you play? There are some excellent and simple drinking games for adults that you can play in the pub on the spur of the moment. Grab some coins and try to flip them into a shot glass or play "I Have Never" with them. Or try a game of "Concentration" which is one of the simplest drinking games for 4 people or more. If you're in a sports bar or pub, try the "X Games" drinking game and you'll be trashed in no time! Play drinking games on your way to a night out with drinking games on a bus!

Drinking Games When Out In A Group

Of course you need to have some funny drinking games in mind if you're organising a stag night, hen party or a big birthday celebration! The internet is full of friends drinking games for such occasions from tried-and-true beer games like "Beer Pong" to more complicated card drinking games like the "Ride the Bus" drinking game or the "Waterfall" drinking game. Do a little research for online drinking games, look up our "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" departments for some awesome accessories and then just add alcohol and people to find out what r good drinking games in a group!

Card Games When Drinking

It's quite possible that cards and booze were made for each other! There are so many drinking games with cards for 4 friends to play that you'll never run out of ideas. Bring along your "Bullshit Button" and a pack of cards for a game of "Bullshit" with appropriate sound effects! Try the "C-Lo" drinking game or the "F You drinking game" that are also played with cards and are guaranteed to be fun and also end up making you very, very drunk. How about "Kings" a drinking game that uses playing cards and like the name suggests is the king of drinking games!

If you're a traditionalist looking for card drinking games, just get one of our card shufflers and play a normal game of poker, but chips represent drinks and the loser has to down them! One of the more silly drinking games with cards for 2 plus people is "Indian Poker" in which the players place cards on their foreheads. When it comes to card drinking games you'll have a blast, but remember that they can get you drunk very quickly, so follow the alcohol guidelines and be safe whether you're playing drinking games for two people at home or partying in a crowd.

Why Drinking Games with Dice are Popular

Dice games are great drinking games without cards for 3 people or more to play. Unlike some of the drinking games with cards and other props, you just need to put the dice in your pocket and you'll be ready to play wherever you go! For ideas on dice drinking games for 3 people, check out our "51 Most Popular Drinking Games" kit for the best of drinking games: it comes with dice included and has lots of ideas for drinking games on 21 and over with and without dice. There are even drinking games with D&D dice if you have some of those handy or look up regular drinking games with a dice if you don't. Drinking games w/ dice can be as simple or as complex as you choose.

How To: Drinking Games with Your Favourite Movies

Playing drinking games with movies is a great way to enjoy a favourite film or a way to find the fun in a cheesy movie with "B Movie" drinking games. Try one of the "Easy A" drinking games or pick your own movie and make up some rules for your own "A movie" drinking game. Just pick a reoccurring line or plot theme for a drinking game to movies that you can use any time!

What Drinking Games Are the Best for Couples?

Drinking games for couples can perk up date night in an instant! There are lots of options for 2 player drinking games in our drinking game sets on this page ranging from simple drinking games for a couple to movie drinking games and drinking games for two with cards. If you want to get closer, try a couples drinking game that can start out as fun and innocent, but may end up being more intimate if you choose! Dust off the old board games and play a drinking game for two; suggestions for 1 v 1 drinking games include a Monopoly drinking game, drunk Twister or our "Shooters and Ladders", but can also include drinking games for two with cards like drunk "Snap" or a dice drinking game. Look to the internet for drinking games online for 2 that you'll both enjoy. Drinking games for 2 people are a great way to fan the flames of love or get to know a new love on a whole new level!

Safety Rules of Drinking Games

We have given you some great alcohol games ideas for nights in, nights out, party drinking games and more. Drinking games are fun and a great way to get closer to friends and loved ones, but please remember that these drinking games for adults are not recommended for people under the age of 18. Please drink responsibly in a safe environment and never drink and drive!

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