Tips for Secret Santa Gift Exchanges and Games!

This list has an endless supply of Secret Santa gift ideas that will be sure to make you chuckle as well as have you strongly considering purchasing a second item for yourself, because hey, who else is going to get Santa a gift? Once you start perusing through this massive collection of gift ideas, you will be sure to find something that will not just “work” for your party or get together, but that will blow people’s expectations out of the water! Proudly tell people that that was your gift once you see the smile on their face, including christmas gifts for the wife.

Don’t let the usual grab bag of Secret Santa gifts bore your Christmas parties any longer! Check out our gift selection through this impressive collection of corporate Christmas gift ideas, last minute birthday gifts for friends and the most unique novelty Christmas gifts online ever. Your mystery recipient will be chuckling, “ho ho ho, that was the best gift ever!” when they unwrap your gift. If you know you’re buying for a female then a unique gift for her will give you even more gift giving ideas.

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What is Secret Santa All About and When is Secret Santa?

If you have a large family or work in a big team, a Secret Santa gift exchange is a wonderful way to make sure that everyone gets a Christmas present without each person having to buy Christmas gifts for every other individual in the group. It saves money and it can be a lot of fun too! It’s one of those simple, but brilliant ideas and not surprisingly it happens at Christmas time although the organising should ideally happen at least a few weeks prior to make sure there’s time for “Santa Claus” to order and receive online Christmas presents from Australia!

How Does Secret Santa Work?

A few weeks before Christmas, everyone who is participating in the Secret Santa exchange puts their name into a “hat” and each person draws out a name. They only need to worry about kris kringle gift ideas for the person whose name they drew out and everyone ends up with a Secret Santa to and from one other person in the group. Gifts are purchased and wrapped; the tag should only mention the recipient’s name and that it’s from “from your Secret Santa”. When the time comes to exchange gifts, set up a meeting or plan a family party. Each person comes up one at a time to receive their gift.

If you want to get serious about your secret santa gifts use a secret santa organizer so participants can make wish lists for the secret santa gift ideas they would like to receive.

What’s Secret Santa For?

Secret Santa is basically a way for friends, family or work groups to exchange gifts at Christmas! Get ideas for a Secret Santa gift right here on this page! We even have Secret Santa ideas under $5!

Why Do Secret Santa?

It’s a fun and budget-friendly method of giving gifts in large groups. You can get Secret Santas for $10 and under, check out our suggestions and filter by price to see just how much fun you can have with Kris Kringle ideas in your price range!

OK, So You Are Secret Santa for the Office, How To Get Started!

Secret Santas are extremely popular in the workplace and with good reason: it’s a great way to include everyone in the gift giving without spending a fortune. You can even pick out a Secret Santa under $5 from our selection, just filter by price and shop away! Secret Santa is an excellent way to organise Christmas gift ideas for a group of people! Use an online secret santa planner and shop our secret santa present ideas for fun gifts and that’s all you need to do a Secret Santa at work!

Who Is My Secret Santa?

Part of the fun of a Secret Santa gift exchange is in not knowing who the gifts are coming from, but there are ways to play Secret Santa with clues. Attach a note to your Secret Santa’s gifts with a poem or word clue to give hints about your identity, such as “Ho, ho, ho! Let’s all be Jolly; I’m in the cubicle decorated with holly”. It’s fun to be cute and rhyming, but it doesn’t have to be! Look online for ideas on the Secret of Santa reveals!

Dr Who Secret Santa Gifts

If you are the Secret Santa for a Dr Who fanatic don’t panic, we have ideas for a Secret Santa gift that will blow their little Whovian mind! Just click over to our “Brands” department for ideas ranging from Tardis teapots to a Dr Who watch and much more. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Why Secret Santa is Gaining Popularity

It is believed that the Secret Santa gifts tradition originated with an American philanthropist named Larry Dean Stewart who was famous for “random acts of kindness” throughout his life in the twentieth and early 21st century. The idea gained ground because Christmas has become such a big deal (and so expensive) and it’s an idea that just makes a lot of sense to many people. Why spend a lot on individual gifts for all the people at your office/in your family when you can just focus on one gift that your chosen gift recipient (hopefully) really wants?

What Are Some Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Men?

We have hand-picked suggestions for Secret Santa Christmas gift ideas and you can see them all on this page. To see our Secret Santa gift ideas for men, including Christmas gift ideas for your son in law just filter the list “by gender”! Included are gadgets, desk toys, brand name gifts, funny gifts and more and there’s something for every kind of guy!

What Are Secret Santa Gifts for Women?

We have just as many gift ideas for women! Filter our list again, this time choose “Her” as the gender, sit back and scroll through our suggestions to find the perfect Secret Santa gift for a female. Coffee mugs, Avanti teapots from Australia, LED candles, home décor, desk gadgets…the list goes on! All you need to do is pick something and we’ll do the rest! We can even gift wrap it for you!

What Are Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Kids?

Did you pick a kid’s name out of the hat for a family Secret Santa? No worries! Just filter our Secret Santa gift ideas by “Recipient” and pick “Kids: Boys & Girls” for a range of kid-friendly Christmas gift ideas that easily fit into the Secret Santa game!

What Secret Santa Present Should I Get For Older Relatives?

Looking for a Secret Santa gift for an older relative? Once again, we’ve done all the work for you! Just go to the top of this page and filter our Secret Santa gift suggestions by “Recipient” except this time pick “Relative”. Easy as pie! Most of the suggestions that pop up work equally well as anniversary gift ideas.

What Is Secret Santa on Reddit?

Even if you don’t have a big family or a ton of co-workers, you can still participate in a Secret Santa gift swap! The enormously popular website has established a new tradition of swapping gifts with a complete stranger! Sign up through Reddit to be matched with another “giftee”, but get your gift here at LatestBuy because we have the best selection anywhere!

What Are Secret Santa Rules? How To Organise Secret Santa!

There aren’t too many rules to Secret Santa: that’s part of the beauty of it! Make sure everyone puts their name in the “hat”, set a budget for gifts (optional), make sure no one picks their own name, everyone must buy a gift, names must be kept secret and finally set a date and exchange gifts!

How To Do Secret Santa Online

If you really don’t have time or energy to organise a Secret Santa exchange, let the internet do it for you! There are websites that will match up your participants and even send Secret Santa’s online party invitations for you by email! You’ll still have to pick out your own gift though, so why not browse through our selection right now? All of our suggestions for Kris Kringle gifts and some party themes in Australia are right here on this page!

“Who Am I?” Secret Santa Clues Game and Other Secret Santa Games

Need some ideas to breathe new life into your kris kringle gifts? The people who bring you the secret santa definition (Wikipedia) have some good suggestions for secret santa ideas! Some people like to get creative and provide clues as to their identity even before the party. Starting about a week before the gift exchange day they leave a daily note for their “giftee” with clues about themself; the final clue will be attached to the gift. Other games or variations of Secret Santa include “White Elephant” gift exchange (also known as “Dirty Santa” or “Stealing Secret Santa”) in which participants are allowed to “steal” another person’s gift before it’s unwrapped. “Secret Casino Santa” involves a cash jackpot and “Conspiracy Santa” is where all participants team up to buy a gift for one single recipient. Whichever version you choose, make sure to pick out your gift at LatestBuy!

Helpful Information

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