Thermos Flasks: Vacuum Flasks for Food and Drink

Thermos flasks have been around so long that the name “Thermos” has become a household name and when you think of thermos vs flask, there really is no difference. This famous brand is not resting on its laurels and their designers have been busy coming up with new and innovative products that you’ll need and want to own! Check out our selection of Thermos flasks, travel coffee mugs and water bottles for every member of the family.

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Which Thermos Flask is Best?

The Thermos brand team have taken their classic designs and given them a makeover for the 21st century consumer. You can now get Thermos flask 1L or Thermos flask 2L with a modern twist and designs that have had an update while still retaining their original concept of an insulated flask for drink or food storage.

The modern Thermos product line includes thermos funtainer flasks that are specifically designed for kids in addition to flasks that are reminiscent of Thermos flasks from years past. Thermos consistently rates among the best flasks and their range includes both food thermos flasks and drinks flasks as well as commuter travel mugs and hydration bottles. It’s true that the “best” Thermos flask is in the eye of the beholder, but all of their flasks do a brilliant job of keeping the contents hot (or cold, your choice) and Thermos is a brand you have grown up with and you know you can trust, so it’s just a question of choosing the style that suits you best.

What Do Thermos Flasks Do?

Today’s thermos flask works in much the same way as the original vacuum flasks that were invented all the way back in 1892 by Sir James Dewar. A vacuum flask consists of two flasks joined at the neck, the space between the two is a near vacuum (devoid of air) and this reduces heat transfer. This basically means that the vacuum is a great insulator: cold stuff stays cold and hot stuff stays hot!

What Are Thermos Flasks?

Thermos flasks are one of the most well-known brands of vacuum flask; Thermos having been around as a company since 1904. There is even a V & A thermos flask (that is the Victoria & Albert Museum in London) from the 1950s. The flasks were originally invented for drinks, but later came to include the thermos food jar to keep food hot and eventually they also began selling a
thermos travel mug which is a great coffee thermos for commuters.

Which Vacuum Flasks Are Good for Kids?

LatestBuy is able to offer you a range of cute, fun and functional kids Thermos flasks. Some of the designs include whimsical characters, but there are also flasks for older kids with more stylized designs. These “funtainers” should definitely be on your list of back to school essentials; they are available in designs that will appeal to both boys and girls and most of our Thermos flasks for kids come in both a food jar and a drinks flask so you can get a coordinated set for their lunch box! In addition to being great for school, Thermos drink bottles and food jars make cool birthday gifts for boys and girls. Thermos flasks will keep food hot or cold all morning until lunchtime and they will allow you to pack a greater variety of foods to keep things interesting at the school lunch table! You can send your kids to school with a healthy salad or homemade soup and fresh juice and not worry about it being nasty by the time they get to have lunch!

Which Thermos Flask is Best to Take to Work?

Thermos flasks are perfect for work! Start your day with coffee on your commute in a cool stainless steel Thermos travel mug. They come in several trendy colours and allow you to save money by taking coffee from home instead of stopping off to buy overpriced coffee on your way to work. When you get to your desk, you can refill your travel mug and use it as a non-spill coffee mug to stay well-caffeinated during the work day! Thermos also offers 0.5L thermos flask water bottles so you can stay hydrated as well as caffeinated at work.

Save money at work with one of our food Thermos flasks! Pack a healthy (or not) lunch from home and take it with you in your stylish thermos that you can use as a salad container to avoid having to pay for lunch every day. Some models include chop sticks or an attached spoon with the lid acting as a bowl to really keep things simple. Fill your 1.5L thermos flask with leftovers from last night’s dinner, open a can or whip up something nutritious; whatever you choose to fill it with, the food in your Thermos will be at just the right temperature when it comes to lunchtime at work. Take a look through our selection of Thermos food flasks and mugs to pick out something that suits your style and don’t forget that Thermos water bottles are also great for the gym and they make perfect gifts for co-workers when it comes to a birthday or Secret Santa time!

Where Can I Get a Thermos Flask in Australia?

LatestBuy has a great variety of Thermos flasks and we’re right here in Australia! Browse our Thermos brand page to find Thermos products for the whole family including kids, parents, grandparents and friends. Our selection includes Thermos drinks flasks, travel mugs, water bottles and 1.8L thermos flask food jugs so we have everything you need for school, work, picnics, camping and any other time you need to eat or drink while you’re away from home for the day!

Whether you’re a born explorer or bored of the same old lunches, Thermos embraces all things travel to bring your favourite hot and cold refreshments with you, wherever you go. Keep tea, soup and iced coffee at just the right temperature or transport your lunches and leftovers from A to B, with one of these quality vacuum flasks or food jars.

Top Quality Vacuum Flasks

If you know someone who is King of the Road, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply always on the run, then kitting them out for their travels with a stainless steel vacuum flask from LatestBuy is a great gift idea. You wouldn’t believe how many styles, purposes, sizes and designs have been dreamt up by the guys at Thermos funtainer drink bottle. From small and compact ones to supersize flasks for the tea addicts out there, you’re sure to find the perfect make to suit them.

Homemade Meals to Go

Are you a sucker for meal deals and takeaways? Have you ever stopped and added up the amount you spend on your lunches when you’re out and about? Nip that crafty leak in your budget in the bud and bring your own delicious creations to work or school with a stainless steel food jar from Thermos. Throw your leftovers into a vacuum jar or take it to the next level with different compartments, to keep your meals hot or cold and mess free for hours.

Colourful Kids Flasks

Send the kids off to school with their juice or water and don’t worry about them spilling it everywhere or getting too hot in the sun. Thermos has created a colourful selection of kids flasks to suit the sports fanatic, flower power girl, budding explorer and more, with heaps of designs to choose from. Easy to drink from without any spills from even the clumsiest of kids, they are a top choice for tykes and just one of our back to school gifts to tick off your list.

Choose only the best brand when buying a new flask for you or your nearest and dearest. With a quality Thermos flask you can rely on delicious refreshments around the clock.