Star Trek Gifts in Australia

Set your phasers to stun and get a load of the Star Trek stuff we have amassed for all the Trekkies out there! From classic Star Trek communicators to a Star Trek TNG USS Enterprise model. It’s all here, so boldly GO and fill up your cart!

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Memorabilia & Collectables

Star Trek Gorn Mask


Where Can I Get a Star Trek Communicator?

If you’re a fan of the original Star Trek series, we have a treat for you here at LatestBuy in the form of a Star Trek Original Series Bluetooth Communicator! You can receive calls on it through your phone’s wireless and it looks just like the authentic communicators since it is modelled after a real prop! On the other hand, if you’re more into the newer iterations of Star Trek, check out the Star Trek The Next Generation Communicator Badge! This fabulous replica of a Star Trek TNG badge also uses Bluetooth connectivity and you can make and receive calls through your mobile phone with it.

Where Can I Buy a Star Trek Phaser?

LatestBuy also has a Star Trek phaser for you! It’s a replica of the Star Trek Original Series phasers and features realistic lights and sounds for you to “stun” friends and foes to your heart’s content!

Star Trek Toys in Australia at LatestBuy

Don’t go anywhere because all of the Star Trek toys that you’ve been hunting for all over Australia are right here at LatestBuy! Trendy Pop vinyl Star Trek collectibles and a Romulan Bird of Prey plush together with Star Trek board games, playing cards, and more. The younger Star Trek collectors will be well taken care of for Christmas presents and birthday gifts this year!

Gifts for Star Trek Geeks!

Got an older Star Trek geek in the family? No problem, we’ve got a fantastic collection of Star Trek memorabilia! Ceramic mugs, decor, and action figures plus an impressive array of Star Trek models and replicas including the communicators and phasers we mentioned above. All of this officially licensed Star Trek merchandise will blow the mind of any Star Trek geek and they’ll see how much you appreciate their commitment to their Star Trek fandom!

All of the photos above include a clickable link to get more information on each of these “stunning” Star Trek items, but if you have other questions, seek out new answers on our FAQ page!