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Doctor Who has been around for a while and is just as popular now as it was in the early days! Get all the coolest Dr Who gifts and collectibles online here at LatestBuy. Pick up a Sonic Screwdriver for yourself and Doctor Who games and toys for all the family. Our gift ideas for whovians are out of this world! Allons-y!

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Doctor Who Tardis Ring

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Doctor Who Tardis Embossed Wallet

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Doctor Who Tardis Scarf

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Timey Wimeyness and all that: History of Doctor Who

Doctor Who season 1 was filmed all the way back in 1963 and the BBC programme has been going strong (almost) ever since with several spin off series, specials and even a Doctor Who movie or two. The series revolves around the adventures of “The Doctor”, a mysterious alien Time Lord from a distant planet named Gallifrey. The show’s gallant star zips around space and time in a space ship called the Tardis that on the outside looks like a 1960s British police box (the chameleon circuits having got stuck while in that decade). Each week the Doctor manages to save life on planet earth from various evil alien plots, natural disasters and other calamities and generally get in and out of mischief with the help of a human companion, his trusty Sonic Screwdriver and faithful Tardis.

Who’s Your Favourite Who?

There have been twelve doctors since the iconic BBC programme first aired in 1963. Each doctor is reincarnated in a new form after the previous doctor succumbs to a mortal injury – which is also a convenient way to explain a new and completely different looking actor in the main role! Every new doctor has his own personality and character and thus different Doctor Who merchandise exists for the different doctors. We can help you get hold of it! If you’re old school, we have a dapper striped 4th Doctor Who tie or 11th Doctor slippers with tweed and bow ties for fans who favour a more modern doctor. Most people have a favourite if you ask them, but if you can’t decide, why not get a whole set? We have items on our site that represent Doctor Who through the years in his different incarnations with different accessories.

Tardis, Tardis Everywhere!

What is blue, bigger on the inside than the outside and can travel through space and time? The Dr Who Tardis of course! No one is exactly sure how it works (wibbly wobbly timey wimey), but one thing we are sure of is that we’ve got an incredible variety of Tardis gift ideas in our selection and something for every kind of Doctor Who fan from a surprising amount of Tardis jewellery to Tardis novelty teapots from Australia, slippers and even a doctor who tardis beach towel! Did you manage to get to the first doctor who festival in Australia? If not, splurging on doctor who merchandise is a good way to get over that particular heartbreak! Lovers of the Doctor Who Tardis will be spoiled for choice at LatestBuy!

What’s New from Doctor Who?

Besides the exciting Doctor Who Australia festival recently, the lovely people at the BBC gave adoring Doctor Who fans a Doctor Who film for Christmas in 2015! If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend that you grab your sonic screwdriver, pop in the doctor who christmas special on DVD and cuddle up to your favourite doctor who life-sized cardboard cut out for a private viewing.

Hosting a Doctor Who Party? We’ve Got What you Need!

A Doctor Who theme party year can be fun at any time of the year from Halloween to a dr who birthday party or why not host a deeply silly doctor who reunion of your own including doctor who toys and a screening of the Christmas special. Doctor Who books and Dr Who games can be part of the fun and don’t forget to order your life-sized cardboard Doctor Who from our Doctor Who online shop so you can have your own cast of characters right in your living room! …and if you’re wanting to get in shape for this shindig of shindigs, we could very well have your sorted with as seen on TV exercise equipment.

Everyone Needs A Sonic Screwdriver!

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver is a very versatile piece of equipment that basically hacks into any kind of electronic device from any time period. Unfortunately, the real thing is not available anywhere at any price, but we do have a variety of Sonic Screwdrivers that do other cool things like a universal remote or a sound and light effect Sonic Screwdriver toy in our Doctor Who collection. We even have one that does something that the “real” one doesn’t…it’s actually a screwdriver! Search our site for “Sonic Screwdriver” and prepare to be amazed at what you find!

Doctor Who Gifts

Any of the above are cool products for moms and could make a wonderful present for a whovian in the family, even a wedding gift idea for the bride or as an addition to a luxury hamper for her – we’re sure you can find something for any occasion here at LatestBuy. From a Tardis shower curtain for a unique wedding gift to Doctor Who toys for a kid’s birthday to a Doctor Who Tardis onesie or bathrobe to luxury Easter hampers and pretty much any time a Doctor Who gift is required. You can even find a Doctor Who Valentine’s Gift in the form of a weeping angel pendant necklace. The mind boggles at the possibilities!

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