Awesome Kitchen & Bar Gifts from Avanti

Avanti kitchenware and homeware is a perfect combination of style and practicality in an affordable price range! The Avanti product collection at LatestBuy includes many items that will both make your life easier and add a touch of luxury to the everyday! Items like an elegant glass and steel coffee plunger or a glass infuser teapot are here to take your kitchen to a new level of class and sophistication! They also make great gifts if you are shopping for a wedding gift, engagement present or anniversary surprise.

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Avanti Kitchenware

If you haven’t checked recently, kitchenware in Sydney and all over Australia has gone hi-tech! These are certainly not the house homewares that you’re used to seeing at your granny’s house! LatestBuy’s collection of Avanti kitchenware contains some downright cool items such as a pasta maker so you can make pasta from scratch and a classy coffee plunger that allows you to make gourmet coffee right on your kitchen counter! The designs of the Avanti house kitchenware products tend to feature a trendy contemporary industrial style that fits in with many styles of home decor in Australia and elsewhere. These homeware products are also fun to use, so whether you’re shopping for your own kitchen or looking for the perfect gift, Avanti kitchenware is the way to go!

How to Use a Coffee Plunger

For the uninitiated, a coffee plunger is the best way to achieve a superior cup of coffee at home and can replace an old or broken coffee machine in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia! There are no electronics or heating elements to worry about so you won’t have to think about replacing coffee machine parts at any point.

Plunger coffee is very simple and satisfying to make. Step 1: buy a plunger coffee maker from LatestBuy (just click on the picture above to add it to your virtual shopping basket). Step 2: unpack the box and set up your coffee plunger. Step 3: preheat your cup and the coffee plunger with boiled water. Step 4: add the desired amount of coffee grounds to the center of the plunger. Step 5: add boiled water to the outer portion of the plunger and carefully stir the coffee grounds. Step 6: wait a few minutes and then press down the plunger. Step 7: enjoy amazing coffee!

Avanti Glassware

Sit back and imagine a world where you don’t have to settle for drinking your favourite beverage from an old chipped coffee mug! In this world you won’t have to be embarrassed by your mismatched selection of drinking glasses either…this vision of a world can easily be your real world when you have Avanti glassware products in your home! Avanti glasses and glass mugs have a European feel to them with their sleek silhouettes and clear glass, so you might feel like you’re sipping coffee or enjoying a cold beer in a French bistro or Italian cafe. The double walls of the Avanti glass and mugs insulate the drinks inside while the transparent colour of your coffee mug may in fact change the way your drink tastes! Impress guests with your Avanti glassware which both keeps drinks hot or cold for longer than traditional drinkware and also creates an air of cosmopolitan glamour in your home.

Avanti Teapots for a Modern Cuppa!

Tea infusers are all the rage these days and Avanti is part of that trend with modern teapots Australia can enjoy and give as gifts for tea lovers. Upgrade that old china teapot with a modern teapot from the Avanti kitchenware collection at LatestBuy and enjoy loose leaf tea like a tea connoisseur with a lovely new Avanti teapot!

Avanti Flasks

In addition to coffee accessories for the home and teapots in Australia, we offer some stunning Avanti flasks to take on the road with you. These useful travel essentials are great for picnics and road trips, but also are just what you need to save time and money by taking your lunch to work or bringing your favourite tea or coffee right to your desk. You’ll be the talk of the office with a swish silver travel flask at your side!

Give the Gift of Avanti in Australia

We are sure that by now you are excited by our extensive range of innovative cooking and baking gifts and kitchenware online, but if you are searching for a reason to make a purchase, just think of all the wedding gifts, birthday presents, Christmas presents, and engagement gifts that you need to buy this year and get something from our Avanti kitchenware selection for everyone on the list! You just saved yourself a huge chunk of time and energy through buying online homewares in Australia for everyone you know!

From that essential first cuppa in the morning to the wining and dining accessories that help you unwind on a night, Avanti makes your kitchen run like a well-oiled machine. A brand for the 21st-century chef, or a hostess with the mostess, browse our cool kitchen must-haves above and learn more about this premium brand.

Brilliant Beverage Holders

Why settle for standard mugs and glassware when you can choose innovative and stylish designs that will serve up your drinks with some class? Do your freshly ground coffee justice in premium double-wall glasses that will keep them piping hot for longer, and keep your Nespresso accessories in order with some cool worktop solutions. Or, if your focus is on ice-cold refreshment on sizzling hot days, then find wine and beer glasses too in this collection.

Flashy Flasks

In a hurry and haven’t got time to enjoy your stylish homeware? Take your favourite drinks – and dishes – with you on the go with the practical range of Avanti flasks. From robust drinking vessels that will insulate the contents for hours, to food jars that will transform your lunch break, these are just some of the great range of useful travel essentials on the LatestBuy website. Refuelling on the go has never been more convenient.

Cooking & Baking Tools

Whether you love getting creative in the kitchen or you want some secret shortcuts to getting dinner on the table, Avanti has brought boundless imagination to its collection. So if you’re looking to up your culinary game, or know someone who is, this innovative cooking and baking gifts are a great place to start. And who knows, you could be hosting your own cookery show within the year…

Impress family and friends with your taste in kitchenware, as well as your tasty homemade creations, by investing in a few top creations from Avanti. Combining convenience and style in one happy marriage, these products make a great housewarming gift for those who take pride in their home.