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It use to be true that if you wanted to enjoy a tipple on the go, your options were pretty much limited to a tacky plastic cup. These days you have options; one of them being the stylish and sophisticated drinkware selection from Asobu. Including such brilliant ideas as “Vino 2 Go” wine glasses (basically a spillproof sippy cup for wine drinkers) and “Brew 2 Go”. Our Asobu line also includes products for yoghurt and drink bottles for tea! Read on to find out more!

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Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip


Asobu Vino 2 Go Wine Tumbler

The Vino 2 Go cup is going to revolutionize your wine drinking! It’s more or less a wine sippy cup and enables you to take your best picnic wines without the bottle. The wine stays fresh and ready to drink in the vino2go wine tumbler. Fret not, there’s nothing childish about these sippy cup wine glasses! The double-walled tumbler looks like a wine glass encased in a layer of glass. The Vino 2 Go is made from sturdy acrylic, so if you’ve got a clumsy friend (or if you are that clumsy friend!) you don’t need to worry about shards of glass all over the patio, pool deck, or campground, and thanks to the snazzy lid, you won’t have to worry about red wine stains on the carpet either because it’s spill-proof! Click on one of the pictures above to find out more details on these wine sippy cups for grown-ups.

Stackable Wine Glasses: Stack N Go!

Yes, you read that right “stackable wine glasses”! Of course, we all know that the weakest link in an ordinary wine glass is the stem; those things crack and break for almost no reason at all! The Stack N Go from Asobo is a “virtually unbreakable” travel wine glass made from real glass! So if you are travelling with wine you can take this set of stacking wine tumbler glasses with you and you won’t have to drink from awful plastic cups or a coffee mug when you get there! They are practically unbreakable which is great news for your “clumsy friend” plus they are dishwasher safe because who has time to do dishes by hand these days! Oh, and did you pay attention to the part where they stack; because that’s important and life-changing! Click on the picture to find out how!

Tea Infusers from Asobu

All the cool kids are ditching the teapot and going for infuser water bottles these days! Get one of our trendy Asobu hot or cold loose tea infuser bottles or mugs and brew tea like a pro! You can even use a tea infuser bottle as a drink bottle or fruit infuser water bottle or to add an authentic fruity taste to your water or favourite tea blends. Experiment with different fruits or herbs like mint to create original fruit-infused water or tea.

Our collection of Asobu products includes the Ice Tea 2 Go (IT2G) which makes fresh ice tea in minutes. It also works as a fruit-infused water bottle and the sporty look of the silicone sleeve is a great replacement for a boring, ordinary plastic bottle of water. The sturdy glass is insulated and you can drink your refreshing iced tea directly from the infused water bottle. It’s a perfect way to stay hydrated when you’re spending time outside; or take this fabulously modern drink bottle to work with you!

Asobu Gifts in Australia

Are you still wondering where to get a seriously amazing Asobu wine travel cup or tea infuser water bottle in Australia? The answer is right here! Just scroll back up to find out all the info you need to make your choice! Water bottle infusers and wine tumblers make excellent gifts! Stock up now and give them as “stocking filler” gifts or “Secret Santa” or use them for any unexpected birthdays or surprise engagements that suddenly pop up on the calendar. The water infuser bottle or party mug could also be a great 21st-century wedding gift or anniversary present in place of old-fashioned teapots and wine glasses! Our selection also includes Asobu products for beer and yogurt “2 Go” so there is a bit of something for everyone here!.