Halloween 2020: Boo!-tiful Ways to Celebrate at Home

You can still celebrate this eerie but festive and sweet-filled season even if you are at home!

“Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?”

– Because he had no-body to go with!

Halloween is one of the celebrations which real kids and kids at heart are looking forward to throughout the year. Halloween is such a festive season - full of sweets, costume parties and fun-filled activities. In some places, they celebrate it for fun but some have their old traditions and celebrate it with deep meaning. Searching for great Christmas gifts ideas that can be beneficial for the future? Why not consider promising to have a Halloween party at your house? Definitely, everyone would admire it!

Given the worldwide situation right now, most of you must be wondering how the celebration will go. How about the trick or treating? How about the costume party you are looking forward to and aiming to win for the whole year? Do not let this makes you feel sad or disheartened. You may still enjoy this season, maybe with a bit of twist right there and then. We have made a list of the things you may want to try for this year’s Halloween celebration that is also perfect for the new normal.

Bake your Own Halloween-themed Goodies

Some Halloween goodies ideas!

For sure, you have lots of time to watch baking tutorials and make it perfect at the time of Halloween. You may also do this with your family especially if you have kids, and take this opportunity to bond with them. Practice makes it perfect! You may now start searching “How to bake…” on the internet!

Design your Own Halloween-themed Place

Some Halloween themed decorations!

Take time to check your stuff at home and you will be shocked that you have everything you need to transform your lawn, front yard or even the inside of your home to an eerie place perfect for Halloween. Papers and pens. Wires and some old clothes. Choose the perfect lighting and viola! You are ready to go!

Binge-watch Seasons of your Fave Horror Series

Chill with your fave Halloween movies!

American Horror Stories… The Haunting of Hill House… These are just some of the series you may watch again during this season. Once you’re done decorating your place to make it more Halloween, try to start watching and it will make the experience more intense! Grab some chips or popcorn and your favourite drinks and be ready to be scared!

Make Your Own Halloween Craft Projects

Carve your own Halloween projects!

Pumpkin - the most carved thing during Halloween. This year, try something new and search for unique pumpkin carving tutorials on the internet. You can also try to paint it! Get out of your comfort zone and try to make your own costume. Cut it and sew it! You’ll be shocked you already have a witch hat and cape in front of you very much ready for Halloween.

Join a Photo Contest for the Best Halloween Costume

Go and snap your most scary photo!

Online photo contests are getting popular these days. Since people won’t be able to gather for a party where you can choose the best-dressed in person, some think of alternative ways to show their creativity - join an online photo contest! Your efforts in preparing your Halloween costume won’t go to waste. Put on your costume and put some makeup on. Hit them with your best pose and capture with your camera. This is a battle of likes, the most liked photo will win so make sure to submit your best shot!

No argue Halloween is one of the most-waited celebrations. You celebrate it and then get ready for the jolly Christmas season. Just like other celebrations, you tend to send gifts to your loved ones - spoil them or trick them. If you are still thinking about what to gift them or what to have for yourself, check out some of our recommendations for Halloween gifts below:

  1. The Walking Dead Ear Necklace Prop
  2. Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold
  3. Halloween (1978) Adult Coveralls
  4. Halloween 4 Jamie Lloyd Child Costume with Mask
  5. Twilight Tote Bag Bella & Cullens (Vector Grey)
  6. Trick or Treat Studios Originals Wolf Teeth
  7. It (2017) Pennywise Heat Change Travel Mug
  8. The Nightmare B4 Christmas Jack Skellington Mt Pckt Pop! Key

For more options, you can check out our Halloween page made especially for this season. Some spooky gifts from LatestBuy await you!

“It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare” - Brackett, Halloween (1987)

We, from LatestBuy, hope you enjoy the Halloween season this year! Happy Haunting!

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