Top Favourite of Disney Movies of All Time

I am a grown-up now, but I have never stopped loving Disney movies. Whether it's an animated film or a live-action adventure, I can not help but sit down and thoroughly enjoy the entire thing. Now that I started to become an adult, I have found myself going back and enjoying many of my childhood favourites and even some newer films. There's never a wrong time to observe a number of the simplest Disney movies of all time, you know. So below are my top favourite list of Disney Movies of all time.

Here is that the Top List of Disney Movies:

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo could be one of Disney's hilarious films with its scenes, unique characters and jokes, but it tells a story of a love of a father, Marlin, to his son Nemo, and how much a father is willing to do for his son. It is also a movie that gives a lesson to parents, that as a parent, one needs to trust their children. Trust their capability, and trust in their own choices. It taught us that no matter what mistakes we made, our parents will always be there and look for us. It also teaches us how to be independent, especially in conquering our fears.


I first watched Mulan once I was a child, and it instantly became one of my favourite Disney movies of all time. Looking back now, it had been one among the primary times a Disney "princess" was portrayed as a capable human that did not need saving. But once I watched it as a child, I just thought it had been genuinely entertaining. It's the story of an unlikely hero overcoming insurmountable odds that Disney does so well. This is often one rare case where I even have seen the live-action version of this film and didn't hate it. So while I might never put that iteration of this movie on this list, I might recommend watching it if you are a fan of the first animated film. It also suits our modern world to encourage women empowerment so that we can also do what a man can do.


Up is one of the foremost heartbreaking and most heartwarming Disney movies of all time. Who doesn't want true love stories, right? So right off the bat, this Pixar film punches you within the gut with a wrenching check out the inevitable end of all goodies. But, fortunately, what starts as an outline of loss and despair quickly turns into the heartwarming story of a person who feels he has lost any reason to measure, finding hope during a young child who needs him.


You'll be thinking to yourself, "Why is Tangled on this list if Frozen isn't?" The solution to it is quite simple: Tangled may be a better movie than Frozen. It would not have gained equivalent popularity as Frozen or maybe had nearly as good of a soundtrack, but it just felt unique to me. Very similar to Mulan, the movie featured a Princess who did not have to believe somebody else to save lots of her. What's more, the prince who is involved in saving her may be a thief that she keeps instead. That's only some of the list of all the Disney movies of the year. There are thousands of them, so if you are looking for a selected film from Disney, you've got just about no excuse not to find it. As mentioned earlier, this list only lists the classic Disney movies so that you would possibly miss a number of the newer Disney movies. But that is what makes it the most straightforward place to start. So, start bookmarking sites that list all the Disney movies this year and appear up your favourite films! Are you also a fan of Disney Movies? Or do you still watch Disney even if you're old? If your answer is YES. Then we are probably on the same path. These Disney movies give us entertaining feelings and teach us a life lesson that we will treasure forever.
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