Facts You Should Learn About Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a science fiction television programme that has been running since the 1960s. It is a classic example of a British sci-fi program. In this show, the Doctor (the Doctor Who we know and love) travels across time and space to save the universe from various attacks by alien beings.

The Existence of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of the most beloved and long-running television programs in the United Kingdom. It is a hugely popular show that has been given many different episodes throughout the seasons. It is a time-honoured tradition for the Doctor to various locations across the globe and help people with their problems. In the first episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor travelled to the planetoid known as Gallifrey to find a new home for the Time Lord. He teamed up with an armed warrior, known as the Master, who was also from Gallifrey. Together they attempted to prevent another Dalek attack on the Earth and seek out the Time Lord's current whereabouts.

Who is Doctor Who?

If you are a Doctor Who fan, then you will want to know as much about the different incarnations of the Doctor that have graced the screens over the past three series. One of the most common questions that Doctor Who fans ask is that Doctor is their favourite. There are quite a few different Doctors, but they are played by the three original Doctors, Matt Smith, David Tennant and Capaldi. So here are a few Doctor Who trivia facts that you might not have known. First of all, what is Doctor Who? In actuality, the Doctor Who that we know today is a Time Lord, a Space Traveler, and has been on the big screen for over thirty years. Doctor Who is a top-rated television series. Doctor Who is very popular with children and adults alike, so much so that there is a Doctor Who quiz online to find out who your favourite Time Lord is.

Notable Facts

Probably one of the most notable Doctors Who facts is the fact that they use the Tardis. The Tardis, which is a time machine, allowed the Doctor to travel back in time. This is because the Doctors had the power to time travel. For example, the Eleventh Doctor used the Tardis to travel back in time to look at the destruction caused in the year 11AD by the Doctor's enemies, the Cybermen. The creation of the cybermen was through a virus known as the Cyberflesh injected into human beings.

The Cyberman

Many Doctor Who facts have to do with the Cybermen. For example, there is the Tardis itself, the secret compartment where the Doctor hid from the Cybermen. Additionally, there is the Cyber head, which was the brain of the Cybermen. The Cybermen later learned that the Doctor had the power to regenerate the mind of a dying man.

The Companion

Who is the most important companion of the Doctor Who series? The Doctor's best companion is River Song. She is the most mysterious companion of the Doctor, with her strange telepathic abilities and even regenerating power. She is the most romantic of the bunch! In the Christmas special of the first series, River sang a song about love, which became an international hit. She also appeared in the spinoff films and was the second Doctor Who to regenerate. The Doctor is known to have three companions in his life. These are Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Smith and River Song. Each companion has its distinct characteristics, which help make them different from each other. When the Doctor regenerates, he leaves his three companions behind in an area known as the Twelfth Doctor, where they join an organisation called the Time Masters, which control time.
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