santa claus talking to a kid
Who is Santa Claus? The jolly, rotund man who brings presents on Christmas Eve to children all over the world. But how did he come into existence? Who was this mysterious figure who has become a symbol of Christmas for people from every country and culture? In this article, we will explore the origins of Santa Claus and his role in celebrating the holiday season.

Who is Santa Claus?

Have you ever wondered who the man in the red suit is who gives presents to children? In fact, do you even know that there are many different legends about him? The man in the red suit has been known by several names and is based on a variety of legends (see box). Who is Santa Claus really though? Santa Claus is a white-bearded man dressed in red who brings presents and goodies to children around the world on Christmas. This old man wears a red hat that covers his bald head and carries a big bag that contains toys for girls and boys. This kind, joyful spirit first appeared about 350 years ago in 16th century Finland. He was born the night before Christmas after a man named Klaus rose up from his bed to bring food to his fellow villagers. But there was no food left, and the people were hungry. Klaus felt so badly that he decided to give all of his worker's extra money as a reward for their hard work this year.

What does he do?

Santa Claus is the man who brings you your presents at Christmas. He rides his flying sleigh pulled by reindeer, stops at millions of homes in a single night, and gives every child hundreds of presents to make them happy. On Christmas Eve, Santa comes into all houses through the chimney.

What is he like?

Santa Claus wears a red suit and has a rosy face which becomes bright red when he laughs. He is short, chubby, jolly, and always happy. His long white beard covers his whole chest and falls down onto his green velvet coat.

The Man of Many Names

The many names of Santa are St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Père Noël. He has many names because he is celebrated in many countries. St Nicholas is the name of Santa in Holland and Belgium; Father Christmas is a name he got from England, and Père Noël means Santa Claus in France.

Where does he live?

Santa comes down the chimney and flies back on his sleigh pulled by reindeer. He is not seen in public as he lives a very busy life, but one day each year he takes off his red coat and puts on a brown robe, and spends time with children. His favourite place to live is in the North Pole.

How is he celebrated?

The most important Santa celebration today is in the United States, where a large parade takes place with music, dancing, cute furry animals and of course–Santa Claus! Everyone wears red and has fun on that special night.