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A teenage boy's Christmas gift ideas and wish list can be challenging to predict. They want something they don't have, something they need, and something that has the potential to surprise them. This article will help you find a present for your male teenager this year! First off, let's talk about what he doesn't want or need. Teenage boys get plenty of clothes at school, so it is unlikely that he needs any more of those items. The same goes for accessories like ties and belts as well as electronics like phones and tablets. Chances are he already has one or both of these items in his possession, so there is no point in getting him another one unless you know that the old ones are broken (and even then, make sure they aren't broken, i.e. he doesn't want to use them).

Think About What You Give

Other than a gift that is certainly NOT to be wanted, there are things you can buy your teenage boy for Christmas. You want the gift to show him you care and you're interested in what he does outside of schoolwork and chores around the house. If he's not always home on weekends, try giving him something that will make spending time away from home more accessible, like a new mp3 player for long bus rides or something that will help him stay warm in cold temperatures.

Cool Gifts for Teenage Boys

If he loves to do something active, like play sports or go swimming, a gift that will make it easier for him to do those things would be perfect. He'd probably also love clothes appropriate for the sport he does and accessories that go with them (like swim goggles). If he likes swimming, then you can give him a fantastic gift that would make him feel special, just like Borat Mankini. Here are some gift ideas for teenage boys:

Gift Cards

If you're not sure what to get him, gift cards are an excellent option because it allows the teenage boy to pick out exactly what he wants. Some places will give you a physical gift card (like Best Buy or Gap), but many others will email the code, which can be used online. In addition, you can get gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Target and many other things.


Young teenage boys love to stay in their rooms as much as possible so getting him some sleepwear items is a good option. These come in all shapes and sizes: from pyjamas to bathrobes to socked footed onesies (which are footed pyjamas); there is everything you need to help him relax and stay warm after a long day. Now all he needs is a comfortable mattress, maybe some stuffed animals or pillows, and you've got the perfect sleepover!


Music can make any day better, so getting your teenage boy a new album or CD he hasn't heard of before will give him something new to listen to. Also, if his music player is broken, it would be a great time to get him a new one as well - who doesn't love having the latest tech for free?

Hair Products/Grooming Items

Most boys don't put too much thought into their appearance, so they really wouldn't know what to want in terms of hair or grooming products. These can range from making their hair smell good to sticks that help them get rid of unwanted facial hair.

Cool Gadgets for Teenage Boys

While not all teenage boys are major tech lovers, sometimes it can be an incredible gift to get them one of the latest gadgets. For example, if he loves keeping in touch with friends or watching movies on his computer or TV, a new webcam or set-top box is sure to impress. If you know his hobbies, there may be some tech-related gift that fits in with those (like a GPS or camera for explorers). If you're not sure what to get the teenage boy in your life, the options above are a great place to start! Teenage boys can be hard to buy for, but hopefully, these ideas will help you find one thing he'll love this Christmas.
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