Sweet 16th Birthday Presents

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As your teen hits 16, it can be difficult to think of what presents are worthy of a young adult on this massive milestone birthday. Do you get them a keepsake, or something that they’ll be showing off to their mates for the next few months? Whatever makes your 16 year old special, find a unique present that they won’t forget for years to come.

Gadgets Galore

Ok, so you’ll be forgiven if you aren’t planning on matching the outrageous birthday parties and presents that make My Super Sweet 16 such a ridiculous programme. However, you do want to pull out all of the stops for this big birthday to make them feel on top of the world.

For a 16 year old boy or girl, gadgets are pretty much the most important thing that a teen owns. So if you want to get them an awesome present, then our selection of impressive gadgets and phone accessories is a good place to start.

Gifts with Attitude

Almost important as their laptops, phones and MP3 players is making sure that everything about you oozes cool when you reach 16. From fashion and accessories with attitude to awesome gifts that’ll put their own stamp on their bedroom, LatestBuy is down with the teens when it comes to the hottest trends. All you have to do is browse this collection to find the perfect gift.

Hone their Skills

Whilst they may be super busy with school, socialising and simply being a teenager, don’t you ever look back on your teens and wish you hadn’t given up those hobbies and skills? Or that you’d taken the time to learn some new ones? Make sure that your teen has no such regrets by choosing one of our fun-filled educational toys that will kickstart their hobbies.

Impress your teen by treating them to a present that’s as cool as them by picking out an amazing 16th birthday gift from this guide. We’ve got a great selection of gift ideas for every type of teen, from divas to geeks, sporty ones to lazy ones, even more mature birthday ideas for men or go one better and select a few items to start the gift basket ideas flowing.