Cool Birthday Gifts for Boys

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Give that growing boy in the family the gift of fun for his birthday this year with an exciting new toy, gadget or accessory from LatestBuy. From cool robots to fun toys for outdoor play, find hours of fun in our collection, including last minute birthday present ideas and gifts for teen boys in Australia.

Birthday Presents for Indoor and Outdoor Play

From fun games that will keep them entertained in the garden to educational gifts that will make their indoor play more productive, the choice is endless when it comes to cool birthday gifts for boys. Fill those weekends with hours of activity by giving them a robot to assemble from scratch, or a home laboratory where they can learn about the amazing world of science and technology. Alternatively, make their free time magical with a magic set that will have them up to cool tricks in no time.

Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

As we watch our boys grow from tiny tots to stroppy teens, keep them happy with a gift that’s right up their street and suited for their age group. If you’ve got a young boy with a big imagination, then indulge their creativity with primary school birthday presents that are perfect for school and home. However if you’ve got a teen that’s a little harder to entertain, then you’ll be relieved at the choice we have for teenager birthday presents too.

Birthday Presents for Boys Bedrooms

Give your boy a little help with making this bedroom his home (or grotto) by purchasing a cool birthday present for his bedroom if he has all of the toys for kids and gadgets already. From cool alarm clocks to funky lights and accessories, we have some great gift ideas, cool product ideas as well as themed decorations such as Doctor Who memorabilia.

Make your boy have the best birthday ever by treating him to a fun and unique gift from LatestBuy. Whether he’s already taller than you or he’s only just starting to learn, we have 2021 birthday presents he’ll love.