All You Need For Valentine’s Day

Regardless of your relationship status, hearts day should be fun!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is always full of romantic gesture. From dates, lots of sweets, to cute puns. As it approaches, some are also thinking of what to give for your significant other. Some tend to show their affections through practical gifts and gestures, while some get romantic and go all out on a special day. Any kind of gestures of affection or gifts, regardless if personalized or store-bought, will still be able to showcase one’s affection for their special someone on Valentine’s Day. Whether someone picks a practical gift, or gifts flowers and chocolates, gifts full of thought still resonates through the heart.

While flowers, chocolates, and stuff toys are great gifts for Valentine’s Day, there is no harm in looking for something new and unique. For suggestions, here is a list of LatestBuy’s wide range of romantic, cool and unusual gift ideas fit for the celebration of love:

U.R. The Star Our Love Story Personalised DVD
Do you remember the day you met your loved one? It was a day that changed your life, right? Remember all those special things you did for one another? Romantic dates, long walks on the beach and cute letters. If you’re looking for a unique gift for Valentine’s Day, it is time for you and your significant other to star on your own greatest love story with this personalised DVD. Featuring full 3D animation and romantic music, it’s the perfect way to keep the flame burning as you cuddle up and watch your love story unfold.

Hanging Picture Pockets
People love to take pictures, to capture the memories they make, to be revisited time and time again. In the new age of digital media, some of our photos sit only at our camera rolls. How about developing the special moments and placing them in these hanging picture pockets? This gift can be romantic, simple, and full of thought. A perfect personalized gift for Valentine’s Day!

Me To You Signature 9″ Pillow and Hat
Isn’t it amazing to think about your significant other reading “You are the first and last thing on my mind every day and every night” every night before they go to sleep and every morning after they woke up and reminds them that it is from you? If you want to go for a traditional Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, then this is perfect for you. This might be cliché and too expected but this for sure a romantic gift! A cute (and a sappy) reminder for your significant other that they occupy your heart and mind!

Gund Pusheen Valentine Plush (15cm)
Pusheen is a snack-loving cat who loves to go on adventures with her friends in her popular web comic with over 10 million social media fans. If your significant other is a Pusheen lover, or just a regular cat lover, this a great potential gift! Receiving a very happy Pusheen hugging a big piece of pink candy on Valentine’s day is cute, and a good addition to someone’s plushie collection!

Finding a good and meaningful gift for Valentine’s Day is tricky, and at times difficult. If these still doesn’t call for your liking, feel free to check our wide Valentine’s gift selection. We offer a lot of brands to choose from, so shop for everyone’s personality type, for all age groups!

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