Winter 2021: Cold Days, Warm Hearts

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Share the Warmth This Winter Season

The sunshine has mostly disappeared and the leaves have fallen off the trees, which can only mean that Winter is definitely closing in! Cold weather brings people together, yearns for warmth, love, and connection. Beautiful scenery, fun winter activities, warm fuzzy socks, hot drinks, and of course, staying at home all day in bed, doing nothing.

With the days growing shorter, the weather turning colder, and the pandemic crisis continuing to rage across the country, many are bracing for a pandemic winter and what it may bring. In the past months, it has become clear that the pandemic is going to be a longer-term challenge in our lives than perhaps we had first thought. 

With a new lockdown in place, and various other restrictions across the country, there is no escaping the fact that this is going to be a very difficult winter for a lot of us, and the impact will be greater for some than for others. Home-schooling, dark mornings and early sunsets, and the inability to see loved ones can make this winter season more difficult and people will likely be spending more time indoors as they do their part to stop the spread and stay healthy.

It can be difficult to get inspired to partake in activities in the dead of winter. It’s easy to veg out on the couch, scroll through your phone, and daydream about warmer days ahead. But even when cold weather and snow seem to have lost their appeal, it’s possible to restore your love for the season. Whether you prefer to stay cozy indoors or venture out into a winter wonderland, there are plenty of fun things to do in the winter, no matter your mood.

If you prefer to stay indoors, you might consider trying these activities to keep you and your family busy as a bee.

Discover a new board game.

Families can bond over the discovery and learning of new board games! But classics like Monopoly are always winners.

Monopoly Naruto Edition

Monopoly Newcastle Edition

Complete a puzzle. 

Break out a jigsaw puzzle! They are a great family/team-building exercise. Work as a team on one aspect of the puzzle, or assign a unique part of the puzzle to each family member.

The Eleventh Hour Snakes and Ladders 1000 pc Jigsaw Puzzle

The Eleventh Hour Snakes and Ladders 1000 pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Animalia Book Cover 1000 piece Collector Jigsaw Puzzle

Animalia Book Cover 1000 piece Collector Jigsaw Puzzle



Gather around the fire pit and enjoy a cold evening around the fire. Add individual packets of s’mores kits with all the fixings (graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, be creative!) and you can enjoy a fun evening under the stars. 

Campout in the living room. 

This winter everyone could use a change-of-scene. Why not turn your living room into a bedroom and have a family campout? Create tents with sheets draped over furniture. Make sure to bring some books and read under the tents with flashlights!

Get a taste of winter.

A cup of cocoa with whipped cream or marshmallows, a pot of homemade soup, tea, or a big stack of pancakes slathered with maple syrup would be great while enjoying the heat of the fireplace. Oh! And a little fondue!

Try some wintry crafts.

Why not build a gingerbread house or cut paper snowflakes?

Or maybe knit a scarf and give it to your loved one?

Cozy up by a roaring fire (indoors or out!)

If you prefer a cozy setup, this is for you!

Watch the snowfall

Burn your favorite scented candle

Light candles and enjoy a bubble bath

Cuddle up with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book

Spend the day in your PJs

Splurge on a pair of fuzzy slippers

Plan your post-pandemic escape. 

With vaccines on the horizon, it is not too optimistic to hope for a more normal season in upcoming years. With that in mind, we can start planning for future outings. Have the kids help research biking and hiking trails, campgrounds, beaches and lakes, museums, or any destination that will inspire them to venture out when it is safe and the weather warms up.

We also have listed useful items that will keep the fire burning in your fireplace throughout winter.

As the pandemic stretches into nearly a full year of impacting our daily lives, it can feel like it’s hard to find any fun in your day-to-day routine. Finding winter activities that brings joy maybe even more of a challenge as temperatures drop, when it’s not as easy to get together with family and friends safely because of the current situation.

But even if people were socially distancing and spending more time at home to reduce the chances of having or passing the virus on to others, with a little creativity, we can still find some wonderful ways to enjoy the season and reconnect with our loved ones in a safe way.

Whatever you and your family are planning this winter, stay warm and safe and enjoy your winter, inside and out! After all, winter is even snoooooow-much fun, when you’re with your loved ones!

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