Why Do We Celebrate Birthday?

Why do we celebrate birthdays? When someone asks that question, how will we answer it? The oldest records of birthday party fall back to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt somewhere along with the other kings of that era.

Birthdays are one of the most critical events in the life of a human being. A birthday party symbolizes all the family members’ coming to celebrate a new life in the coming year. A day is slightly different from a year, but basically, it is the same event.


Birthdays Allow us to Gather the People We Love

It’s simply that we all like to be recognized as we are, and a way to do that is by celebrating it with friends and family. The places where we celebrate birthdays give us time to mingle and enjoy the company of the people we love. When we miss them, we’ll invite them. When we want to see them we ask them to come. It’s simple.

What’s a better way to do that than by having a kind of an occasion to call our own and have everybody gather around and sing a happy birthday song. That’s why we have birthday parties, to gather with friends and family around and share happy birthday songs.


Reasons for Celebrating Birthdays

Why do we think that birthdays are important and should be celebrated? Birthdays are one of the most memorable days of the year, as they have special meaning, especially for kids. Children love to have parties, birthdays especially. Birthdays are also when they can get together with friends and play games to make their birthday a bit more special.

Why do we celebrate birthdays? Well, there are several reasons to celebrate birthdays. The most obvious reason is because it’s a milestone in someone’s life. Birthdays are also a time to send out good wishes and a sign from the people who matter to you to keep on track in the things you’ve promised to do.


To Share Our Love

A birthday is a memorable day for anyone. It is a day where you can tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and it is a day where you can say to your friends and family that you are happy and glad that they are in your life, it is a day where you can tell yourself and the rest of the world that you matter and that you are loved.


We Celebrate Because We Care

Another reason is that we do that to celebrate the special day of someone we care about. If we care about someone, we will do anything for them, no matter how hard it is. The person receiving that gift will feel very special and cared for, and the person giving the gift will know it because it is a message from someone who cares. So, why not have a celebration? Why not have a birthday celebrated to let the person know that you care and to let everyone know that you are happy and thankful.


We Should Celebrate This Special Event

Birthdays should not be looked at as occasions to pamper ourselves, but rather a moment to honour the gifts our parents have given to us, our family and friends.

By keeping the importance of birthdays in perspective, we can use them to bring us closer to the people who shaped us into what we are today.

Why do we not just keep our birthdays private? We are fortunate enough now to be able to have birthday celebrations because of the world’s progress. A simple search with Google or Yahoo, and you will find many websites that will help you plan the perfect birthday celebration for you. They will give you the story behind each birthday celebration and maybe even some facts to make it even better!

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