All the Gifts for All the Weddings and Anniversaries!

Celebrate and commemorate marriage and a life lived together with wedding and wedding anniversary gifts for both men and women. LatestBuy offers a wide range of wedding anniversary gifts for each year of marriage whether that means “newlyweds” or wedding anniversary gifts for years when the newness has worn off, but the marriage endures. Find upscale, traditional and modern anniversary gifts for men, women and couples right here on this page. Shopping for wedding anniversary gifts couldn’t be easier!

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Wedding Gifts

When it comes to wedding gift ideas for the couple who is about to hear wedding bells, the only limit is your imagination! Look through the pages of wedding and anniversary gift items we’ve compiled in this guide for ideas ranging from home decor, to trendy kitchen gadgets, personal care items, barware and more! There are also some items that are suitable for groomsmen gifts or bridesmaid gifts!

Which Wedding Anniversary Gifts Make the Best Impression?

The old favourites of chocolates and flowers for wedding anniversary gifts for her from him are sweet and romantic, but lack originality! If you’ve “been there, done that” take a look through our gifts for her to get some ideas for anniversary gift ideas that are 100% certain to impress the lovely lady. When it comes to gift ideas for men we can also raise the bar and offer a variety of cool and unusual wedding anniversary gift to him that will amaze him with your creativity. Suggestions include fun and fashionable items for the home, personalised gifts, thoughtful photo gifts and more. Just check out our picks at the top of the page for gifts for all the anniversaries from first to 50th wedding anniversary gifts including wedding anniversary gifts to parents and even grandparents!

What Are Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year?

Did you know that there is an official list of the types of wedding anniversary gifts by year of marriage? If you know someone who is celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary, the traditional wedding anniversary gift is gold, while 40th wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally ruby. The newer wedding anniversaries include wedding anniversary gifts of cotton for the 1st wedding anniversary gifts or paper to celebrate 2 years of wedded bliss. The list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year for her or him is actually quite handy for ideas for a wedding anniversary gift, but some of them are a bit hard to come by these days, so we’ll run through some of the traditional gifts, together with their modern equivalent ideas of wedding anniversary gifts for each year.

What Wedding Anniversary Gifts on the 1st Year of Marriage?

Cotton is the traditional gift for the 1st wedding anniversary (in the UK and commonwealth countries, it’s paper in the US). Old fashioned wedding anniversary gifts for him 1 year of marriage would be cotton clothing for example, but the modern version of 1 year anniversary gift ideas can include clocks so the list of 1st anniversary gifts for men can be updated to incorporate a Dr Who watch, while wedding anniversary gifts to her have evolved to include one of our LED colour changing alarm clocks. Check out our ideas for wedding anniversary gifts for him and her at the top of this page to find something unique and personal to the new couple!

What is A First Wedding Anniversary Gift for a Second Marriage?

There seems to be no difference in the gift choices for first, second or even fifth marriage! The wedding anniversary gifts to her and him start back at year one with cotton/paper!

What are 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Skipping forward a bit to the long term marriages, traditional 60th wedding anniversary gifts are associated with diamond, but you can get creative with wedding anniversary gifts for parents, friends or grandparents! Modern gift ideas for the 60th wedding anniversary can be something practical like a kitchen gift or something that speaks to the couple’s shared interests like golf or cuisine with a themed gift hamper. Take a look through the ideas on this page for sentimental gifts or useful gift ideas for the diamond wedding anniversary; or browse our cool bar and kitchen accessories for inspiration!

What’s a 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift (Traditional)?

Traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gifts for him and her are usually paper (or cotton in the US), so think of a book of drinking games or a cook book holder from our list.

What Are Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Modern)?

Modern wedding anniversary gifts to husband to celebrate a 2nd wedding anniversary typically include china. Have a look at our gift picks to get some ideas of gifts he’ll love like a novelty motorbike wine holder. Two years is still quite a new marriage, so if they are preparing to moving into their “forever home”, why not shower them with practical house warming gift ideas for their second anniversary? Second wedding anniversary gifts for her ideas can be something to treat her with a spa hamper; check out our compilation of gift ideas for a 2nd wedding anniversary that she will love and look forward to using.

What are 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Three years of marriage is traditionally associated with gifts of leather, but wedding anniversary gifts for husband or wife can be updated with glass, crystal or e wedding anniversary gifts. These wedding anniversary gift ideas and more can be found in our selection on this page or take a quick peek at our wedding gift ideas from Australia pages for even more ideas!

What Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Years 4 and On?

The 4th wedding anniversary is a bit less exciting, but it’s a milestone nonetheless. Pick out wedding anniversary gifts for him at 4 years to mark the occasion. Traditional gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary are often fruit or flowers, so pick out a luxury gift hamper from LatestBuy for a wonderfully modern 4th wedding anniversary gift.

What Are 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Wood is the traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift, so you can think out of the box with a cool toolset for her or BBQ themed gifts as wedding anniversary gifts for him 5 years (charcoal is wood, right?). Other gift ideas for the 5th wedding anniversary include our wood alcohol dispensers. We have tons of ideas right here in our wedding anniversary gift guide or refer to our wedding gift ideas for more inspiration.

What is a Good Wedding Anniversary Gift for Years 6-9?

For the years of wedding anniversary gifts from 6 to 9, forgo tradition entirely and opt for e-gifts online. Just pick an amount and let the couple pick their own 6th wedding anniversary gifts. We have a fine selection of novelty gifts and cool gifts for her that can stand in for the traditional wool (7 years), salt (8 years) and copper (9 years).

What are 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Traditional 10th wedding anniversary gifts for a husband are made from tin, while the modern 10th anniversary ideas suggest diamond jewellery. If that’s not his style, you can always get him a phone accessory for your 10 year anniversary, it will keep him busy and his phone may contain tiny specks of diamond and almost certainly tin too so it’s not that much of a stretch!

What are 13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but those celebrating 13 years of marriage don’t see anything unlucky about this one! The “7 year itch” is a thing of the past and they are in the zone! 13th wedding anniversary gifts include textiles. 13th wedding anniversary gift ideas for a husband might include a Dr Who scarf or a periodic table t-shirt.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him: 15 Years

Wedding anniversary gifting ideas for husband at 15 years of marriage suggest watches, so check out our range of Dr Who wrist watches or a spy watch for wedding anniversary ideas that will keep him entertained.

What Are 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

20th wedding anniversary gifts have usually included china in the past, so ideas for a wedding anniversary gift to husband could involve drink ware or a novelty mug. Take a look through our 20th wedding anniversary gift suggestions on this page or head straight to our designer kitchenware collections such as Joseph Joseph or Sparq for an inspiring 20 year anniversary gift.

Silver / 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Across the board, traditional and modern ideas of a 25th wedding anniversary gift incorporate silver. Get wedding anniversary gifting ideas for parents on their silver wedding anniversary in our wedding anniversary gift collection such as a cupcake stand or a silver wedding photo frame. Silver wedding anniversary gifts don’t have to be real silver, just take the idea for inspiration; for example you can get a silver coloured cocktail shaker from our selection and invite them over for cocktails on their 25th wedding anniversary!

What Are 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

30 is probably around the time that grown children start needing wedding anniversary gifts for parents ideas. 30th wedding anniversary gifts would traditionally be pearl, but diamond is an alternative. Or choose a gift for their 30th wedding anniversary from our large assortment of wine gifts.

35th & 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

35 years of marriage is the coral anniversary which might be a tricky theme to follow. Pick something cute and useful for the kitchen instead for the 35th wedding anniversary like a Serroni fruit infusion pitcher or a colour coded chopping board set.

The 40th wedding anniversary is also known as the ruby wedding. Celebrate it with a sweet ruby red 40th anniversary photo frame from our collection.

What Are 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas?

Wow, we’re getting up there now! The 50th wedding anniversary is commonly referred to as the golden wedding anniversary. We have gold plated playing cards or a gold peace motion lamp, just go to our search bar and type in “gold” for ideas of 50th wedding anniversary gifts! A wedding anniversary gift for parents is a tea time gift hamper. Gifts for men on the golden anniversary might range to a wine gift hamper while the lady may appreciate a Chanel gift basket. Simply look through our ideas for a gift that they will both treasure!

Shopper’s Help

All the gift ideas you need for a great wedding anniversary gift are accessible from this page, but if you find yourself with a question, refer to our “FAQ” section. You will find a link at the bottom of this and any page in our website.