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USB Missile Launcher Mk II

Fire someone in the office with this fun gadget.

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5.00 out of 5


SKU: 2878

Does someone in your office need a rocket up them? Consider it done! The USB Missile Launcher is locked and loaded. It’s the latest thing in office cubicle warfare – the ultimate in geek chic!

Just connect your missile launcher to your PC or laptop via USB – we truly believe this is WHY the USB was invented in the first place! Load the software (Windows XP compatible) and acquire your unsuspecting target!

The launcher pans 180 degrees and tilts up to 45 degrees. A simple move of the mouse will aim your harmless soft foam projectile…and with a click it’s bombs away, complete with cool sound effects!

It’ll give new meaning to “incoming”! A totally new meaning to firing someone! You’ve heard of the Cuban Missile Crisis – well, this is your Cubicle Missile Crisis and you’re JFK with you finger on the trigger! Sorry, getting a little carried away – this gadget is just so damn cool…

You’ll never waste time photocopying body parts again! It’s the perfect gift for him as he battles through his day in the concrete jungle! A great way to get the cat to stop clawing the furniture at home!

Why wait for someone to give it to you, just add the USB Missile Launcher Mk II to your arsenal of boredom busters now…and mission accomplished.

1 review for USB Missile Launcher Mk II

  1. 5 out of 5


    Take back control of your desk or annex your co-workers’ with this USB missile launcher. You control it with your mouse to lob foam missiles up to five metres away. So the next time someone complains you’re acting like a jerk, you’ll have the perfect answer.

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The USB Missile Launcher Mk II comes with software compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and is connected to your PC or laptop via USB. No batteries required.

The included software will allow you to navigate the missiles trajectory with your keyboard or mouse – the launcher pans 180 degrees and tilts up to 45 degrees. Once you have selected your target, the fire button will activate a sound effect and launch a missile.

Each of the three included darts comprise harmless soft foam material for safety around the house or in the office. A target and approximately 1m of USB cable is included.

The USB Missile Launcher is approximately 16 x 10.5 x 12 cm in size.

Please note: Not suitable for children due to small parts which may constitute a choking hazard. Recommended for ages 10 and upwards.