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Twilight Tracer Golf Balls

Never lose a golf ball again, day or night.

Say it isn't so!

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SKU: 2248

Each year, millions of dollars are spent on everything from broomstick putters to the very latest in drivers in an effort to get the edge on the golf course.

Well, here’s something that will set your game alight for a whole lot less! With Twilight Tracer Golf Balls you’ll never lose a golf ball again! When you hit them, they’ll flash for around 5 minutes, so you’ve got time to get up there and find it.

This is no novelty golf ball to give you a quick giggle. The breakthrough technology in the Twilight Tracer means it has all the features of a professional golf ball including the feel, accuracy and distance. It’s regulation size and weight, so you can use it in any competition!

Want to get in a quick nine holes after work? You don’t have to worry about beating the fading light any more – in fact the darker it is, the easier your Twilight Tracer will be to see! Hours past sundown, you can still be playing (and no longer just because of your lack of prowess!).

The 5V lithium battery has approximately 80 hours of battery life, so each ball will last for over 900 hits – even for the worst hacker (not you of course), that’s got to be 8 or 9 games (if it’s any less than that, we suggest you take up cross stitch) and of course, you won’t be losing the ball any more!

So go get ’em Tiger! Tell your caddy to put some Twilight Tracer Golf Balls in your bag – because let’s face it, you’re lost without them!


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Twilight Tracer Golf Balls are sold in packs of three, official size and weight and will flash brightly upon impact for five minutes (approx. 7 flashes per second). The golf balls are an 80 compression multi-layer ball and have a Surlyn cover.