Soft Toys for Kids & Softies

Soft toys aren’t just for sissies, and let’s face it, there are some days when everyone just needs a big hug. Little boys and girls love their teddies, but just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t still love those cute toys that remind you of childhood. So go on, indulge that softie in your life with a gift from our collection below.

Cuddly Kids' Toys

From plush toys and rattles for bashful babies to cool designs that they won't be embarrassed for their friends to see when they come round to play, browse our selection of soft kids toys for all ages. We've got animated toys, microwavable ones, and even talking plush presents, so get browsing to find a great gift for boys and girls.

Cute Gifts for Big Kids

We all know that one girl who still has a bed full of teddies in her twenties, but they aren't doing any harm there. After all, they're soft toys. So if she loves a good cuddle just as much as the next kid, then buy her a new teddy that is sure to be the star of her collection and show how well you know her. A great idea for boyfriends searching for a soppy Valentine's Gifts for girls or hens games idea.

Must-Have Memorabilia Toys

Who knew that Darth Vader had a soft side, hey? Well he isn't the only world-famous character that has found his way into our soft toy collection here at LatestBuy. In fact, we've got a whole range of memorabilia that is perfect for the bedroom of any die-hard fans. Find heaps of Star Wars gift ideas below to give you inspiration for that future-loving friend or relative. They might act like a tough film geek, but everyone likes a good cuddle when they're watching their favourite film on the sofa, right?

If you know a boy, girl or big kid who loves a cute teddy, you needn't look any further than this gift guide to find one that will steal their hearts for the next big occasion.