Remote Control Gadgets & Toys

Why do it yourself when at the press of a button your remote control can do all the hard work for you? Technology is a magnificent thing, especially when it makes life easier or more fun! So whether you’re looking for a cool toy for that gadget-loving little boy, or a smart solution for your electronics, LatestBuy has some great remote control inventions below.

Remote Control Gadgets & Toys

Cool Gifts for Kids

The saviour of rainy days, remote control toys can provide hours of fun for girls and boys. For boys who love gadgets, several of these toys require a budding mechanic to work their magic on the parts and components to bring them to life. So if they've got what it takes, then give them a whole day of activity as they assemble and play with their new remote control toy from this gift guide. Oh, and did we mention that some of them are even solar powered, teaching your kids about the wonders of science at the same time? What's not to love?

Toys for Big Boys and Girls

Just because you have a house to look after, bills to pay and a job to attend doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore, right? Even if the word 'toys' doesn't arouse the big kid inside you, everyone knows someone in the family or office that can't get enough of gadgets and games. From remote control cars to fun office novelties, treat a big kid today with a present from this collection.

Control Your Appliances

If you're tired of playing Russian roulette with the endless number of remote controls in your home, then cut the nonsense and find an all-in-one solution for your electronics below. We've got some handy remote controls for every appliance that will put you in charge of the TV, music or film night.

Whether you're shopping for a genuine kid or one that's trapped inside an adult's body, find some fun-tastic remote control toys for all ages in the selection of gifts below. We've got some unique and genius gadgets that are sure to make their faces light up with delight.