From official memorabilia to cool science toys for kids

Who needs a computer, Xbox or a smartphone to entertain yourself, when with one of our genius board games or puzzles you can have fun with the whole family? You’re never too old – or modern – to stock up on a few puzzles and games, so indulge your competitive or geeky side with our gift guide.

From official memorabilia to cool science toys for kids

Mini Sports Tables

There are some sports that you'll see on TV and think look great fun, but where on earth are you going to play air hockey? Who has space for a darts board in their room? Well, LatestBuy has taken some of these popular sports and shrunk them into portable, table sized versions of themselves for your enjoyment. So before you spend thousands of dollars sending your kid down the sporting career, dip their toe in the water with a mini sports league in your own home. These are just a few of the fun and sporty gift ideas on our website.

Brilliant Board Games

Put your family to the test to find out who is the fastest, cleverest, or brimming with not-so-useless trivia knowledge, with a fun-filled board game from below. Whether you're a fan of the traditional games that you played with your parents and their parents before them, or you want to mix up your collection with something new, we've got plenty of ideas. All you need to do is enlist a few players!

Get Geeky

Admit it, we all love a good crossword on the bus or over the weekend. After all, it's good to keep that brain up to speed and on its toes! That's why we've got some great brain training and puzzle toys for kids in this category, for anyone who is in their element with a cuppa and a Sudoku in their free time.

Whether you're looking for something to keep yourself entertained and hone your skills at darts, crosswords or quick thinking, or want a great present for the family for those long Christmas days, or shopping for hens games and bucks party games, find lots of inspiration here to suit any recipient and budget.