Cool Gadgets and Gifts for Geeks!

Shopping for gifts for geeks has never been easier! We have tirelessly searched the globe to bring you an amazing assortment of items that you can give as gifts to geeks! Gifts for men and women from exciting Christmas gift ideas to wedding gift ideas for those who have found their geek match made in heaven, we’ve got cool gift ideas for all the geeks in your life!

Cool Gadgets and Gifts for Geeks!

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Astronaut Ice Cream


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Deluxe Roulette Set


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Horse Meat Apron


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Novelty Cooking Apron


How to Pick the Right Geek Gift

When shopping for gadgets for geeks the first thing you need is a way of defining geek so you can get the right geek gifts. The term "geek" has evolved over the years from its original meaning of a carnival entertainer to today's definition of a technically savvy person with "normal" social skills. Geeks come in many forms, but geek shopping for TV products doesn't have to be hard! We've picked out some awesome gift ideas for men and women wherever they rest on the geek spectrum from birthday gifts for D&D geeks to sci-fi anniversary gifts for men. Just select gifts from your geek's favourite genre or pick out an all-round geek pleasing gadget from our selection.

How to Tell If You're Going Out With a Geek

Are you shopping for cool gifts for your boyfriend and not sure if he's a geek or a nerd? Since he has a girlfriend who doesn’t know the difference between nerds and geeks; he's almost certainly a geek (better social skills) and will enjoy our geek gadgets. We're sure they will appeal to nerds too though, so you really can't go wrong with one of our geek gifts.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Geeky Guy

If you've been hunting high and low for geeky Valentine's Day gifts for him, the search ends here! We have a ton of cool gadgets and Valentines gifts for him whether he's a die-hard trekkie, a confirmed Whovian or just a generally geeky guy who loves his gadgets and novelty gifts! Our ideas for geeky romantic gifts for him are right here in this guide, just scroll through to find something just right. It might not seem romantic, but getting him a gift to suit his unique geek style is the sweetest thing you can do on V-Day!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Geeks

Take a look at our geek shop for birthday gift ideas for your favourite geek. From Star Wars and Star Trek (hint: make sure you don't get those two confused!) to Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead with a side order of science and tech gifts, we've got suitably geeky birthday gifts for him as well as cool gifts for the geeky girls.

Christmas Gifts for the Geeks

Finding great Xmas gift ideas for the geeks in your family has never been simpler with our guide to geek gadgets and gifts. We have many options for small gift ideas for the geeks that make ideal stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts. Check out our Minecraft Ore lights or Periodic Table T-shirt; they make great gifts for geeks! Online geek shopping is fun with our ideas for top geek gifts including quintessentially geeky cool gadgets such as unique iPhone cases in the shape of an ear or a retro camera.

Wedding and Engagement Gift Ideas for the Geeky Couple

If two geeks in your life have found their true geek love, LatestBuy can help you celebrate that love with engagement and wedding gift ideas for the bride / happy couple! Browse our gadgets for geeks to find housewarming gift ideas for their new home like his 'n' hers Big Bang Theory snuggle blankets or an R2-D2 alarm clock. Other great gift ideas for a geeky couple include home décor items like Game of Thrones throw pillows or kitchen items like a Sonic Screwdriver cutlery set. All of these ideas can also work as anniversary gifts for him or her!

Need some geeky groomsmen gift ideas or bazinga bridesmaid gift ideas? Might we suggest you take a look through our selections of unique gifts for men and women on this page for that too? Some ideas include Dr Who jewellery, pocket watch or a dragon head beer bottle opener. The choice is yours!

Science and Geek Gifts for Kids

Most kids naturally love science gifts that help them explore and understand the laws of nature! Our selection of geek toys for kids includes interesting and educational gifts like a saltwater fuel cell motorcycle, drone copters and build-a-robot kits. They're so cool; the kids won't even realise they're learning stuff! Or for less educational (but still fun) gifts for the geeky kids, try a board game…"Hedbandz for Kids" is loved by kids of all ages!

We also offer 21st gift ideas and graduation gift ideas for the slightly older "kids"! From silly geek gifts like inflatable wigs or "Instant Mullet" to gifts they can use in their new adult lives like a Tardis drinks cooler or watch, you'll see it all here.

Office Gifts and Corporate Gift Ideas for Geeks

Depending on the personality of your business, you can shop our geek store for corporate gift ideas! These may not be appropriate for all types of companies, but if you have a sense of fun (and so do your customers), go with something a little bit geeky for your promotional products or corporate Christmas gifts this year!

Coffee mugs are the great "go-to" office gift because everyone needs one (even if they don't drink coffee!). Mugs are cheap gift ideas, but as long as you pick the right theme (Dr Who, Big Bang Theory etc) or get something clever and generic (Wired, Caveman, Hand Grenade); a coffee mug can be one of the best gifts for men or women at work. They make great teacher gift ideas too! Check out our geek gift guide for mugs for all the major geek genres!

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At LatestBuy we'll be the first to admit that Doctor Who, Star Wars gifts for her, Angry Birds and pretty much every other fan base out there is a bit geeky. But that's exactly why we love being fans of these awesome games, TV series and films. So throw a bit of fantasy and sci-fi into your day to make it more magical by adding some of these great memorabilia gifts to your own collection, or that of the special geek in your life.

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