Arts, Crafts & Cool Construction Gifts

Feeling crafty? Here at LatestBuy HQ we love a bit of crafts, whether you prefer building robots or getting arty with glitter and paint. The godsend of parents looking to fill those rainy days and holidays with hours of boredom-busting fun, you might even find a few gift ideas for big kids here too!

Arts, Crafts & Cool Construction Gifts

Assemble Your Gifts...Literally!

If you know someone who would rather spend hours constructing their birthday presents than playing with them, then we've got some fantastic gift ideas below. If it's got an instruction manual, bits and bobs and batteries, then you can be sure that we stock it! These make great Easter gifts that are easy to make. Get them a remote control robot that will spring to life when complete, or a cool statue that can take pride of piece on the mantelpiece after careful assembly.


There are many ways that you can be creative and not all of them necessarily involve arts and crafts. For kids that always have a trick or two up their sleeve, then magic can provide endless entertainment as they perfect their skills and become a true entertainer. Find a huge selection of magic sets for all ages below, with a range of illusions and tricks that will help them to expand their portfolio in their quest to join the magic circle.

Girly Craft Ideas

What is it about colouring in, painting and designing that girls love so much? Maybe it's because they're so good at it. In any case, LatestBuy has no shortage of arts and crafts gifts for creative girls that will turn her into a fashion guru, interior designer, artist or beauty queen before you know it! For ladies, if you still love playing these roles as an adult, then we've even got some feminine tool kits, jewellery keepers and more to make your home your own.

The great thing about construction, arts and crafts gifts is that the majority of them can actually come in useful and provide endless amounts of fun. From adorable gifts for girls to complex construction gifts for budding engineers, find heaps of crafts presents below for all ages.