Top 18th Birthday Gifts

Top 18th birthday gifts ideas

Fret not and be inspired by our Top 18th birthday gifts collection

Starting to get picky eh? I know. You are buying gifts for 18 years old. They’re not kids but neither are they full grown adult. How would you choose gifts for that kind of lot? Well, fret no more mate! We got you covered. Check out our top 18th birthday gifts to get you started on your selection.

Becoming 18 years old is one heap of a milestone for anybody. And the most important part? You’re officially legal to buy beer now! Sweet eh? That’s right. 18-year-olds are certainly an excited lot. Life is just right in front of them. Best to keep things exciting for them too. So, on their birthday, it’s worthwhile to do something that would boost their excitement even more. And that’s the pressure that is on you now. Thus, you are looking for a gift for someone about to have their 18th birthday.

Glady, as your number one provider of birthday gift ideas, we took the pleasure of compiling a selection that would aid your dilemma. Yes, aside from gifts, we will give your ideas too! Because what makes a gift special is more often the idea behind it. So, fasten your seatbelt and take a trip to our site. Behold these 5 items that may just be the gifts that you are looking for.

1. Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

1st Birthday Gift Ideas
Did I say that their officially legal alcohol consumers now? Yup! Some awesome milestone they got for themselves eh? No more need to borrow their cousin’s ID. No more hiding their age. They can proudly present their own ID’s and buy their own drinks. Might as well let them buy drinks for everybody this time. Gather the gang and hang out. But don’t forget to bring this Tipsy Tower Drinking Game along for a fun-filled night that they will never forget. The night they were able to purchase Dionysus’ greatest gift for humanity. Not the top 18th birthday gifts that you had in mind? No worries, we have more!

2. Don`t Break the Bottle

Don`t Break the Bottle
Judge me however you want, but I’m not done with alcohol references yet. I mean everyone can agree that being able to buy your own beer is some milestone for anybody, isn’t it? Anyway, check out this Don`t Break the Bottle that we have in this list. Look at it and picture yourself bringing this item along. But don’t forget to remind your mate about the instruction. It says “don’t break the bottle” for a reason. It’s a wooden puzzle that is best served to those with geeky urges and the like.

3. 18th Birthday Silver Photo Frame

18th Birthday Silver Photo Frame
Okay! I’m done with alcohol and time to get sentimental. Whoever is the lucky person you are giving gifts to, they can only be 18 once. Best make it memorable. Make that memory be about you. Especially if you are really close. Choose among your best selfies together with the most memorable background. It can be your craziest trip together. Or your most hilarious successful prank at the Uni. Doesn’t matter really what photo anyway, as long as it carries that much value to you both. Once you found that one snapshot, put it inside this 18th Birthday Silver Photo Frame. Surprisingly, picture frames and albums are usually underrated among top 18th birthday gifts. But don’t get caught under that wrong impression. Photos and frames filled with memories are still the best gifts you can give to someone closest to your heart.

4. 18th Birthday Moscow Mule Copper Mug

18th Birthday Moscow Mule Copper Mug
You can’t make a cemented assertion that says everyone loves coffee. But you can make an easy assumption that everyone who loves coffee is passionate about it. They are solely committed. Coffee is part of their life. And in fact, they drink it every morning. Now, mugs are as underrated as photo frames. Because again, people think it’s too conventional. But if I can say it one more time. What makes gifts so special is the idea behind it. So, get this, every time that person you are giving to drinks coffee, they will remember when they were 18 and you gave this 18th Birthday Moscow Mule Copper Mug to them. Simply because they can read it on the front. And they will remember you. Ergo, this item is one of the top 18th birthday gifts you should consider a good prospect in your shopping.

5. Desktop Drums

Desktop Drums
18th birthday is one’s birth into adulthood. Life is just right ahead. Things can get stressful. Ergo, during this fateful day when you welcome them to all the hardships in life. Gift them something that can all the while take out the stress and boredom from them. Make sure that they bring this Desktop Drums with them at work. Or whichever it is that they will be doing. And here goes our last entry for our top 18th birthday gifts collection.

Still undecided? Well at least list these items down and choose among your own top 18th birthday gifts collection later. We have plenty more gifts and ideas to offer you. For a memorable 18 birthday to whoever it is you are buying gifts for.

Care for more birthday gifts ideas?

More often, gifts do a better job of saying what we feel. Go find your gifts today! Complete your very own top 18th birthday gifts. Feel free to click your way to our blog posts for more ideas. And find your gifts all throughout the site. Or might as well give us a call 1300 528 378.

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