To The King Of Our Castle: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

How to make Father’s Day special while at home!

The date when Father’s Day is celebrated varies from country to country. Loved ones make a special effort for their fathers or father figures during this day. It is a relatively modern holiday, so different families have different traditions. These can range from a simple phone call or greeting cards to large parties honouring all father figures in an extended family. Father’s Day celebrations stress the important role of fathers in nurturing children and building a stronger society.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation worldwide, most people have had to cancel their pre-planned celebrations and gatherings. You can’t go out on a picnic or a movie date with your father. And now that we’re all basically in lockdown, don’t let the physical isolation stop you from enjoying this special moment. That’s why we list down ideas that make your dad the happiest on Father’s Day! Even if you’re stuck at home, you can still have a special day with your dad with a little planning.

Every day we must make our parents happy to give back the things they did to us. Even the simplest way can make them happy. It is important to set up a surprise especially on every special occasion like birthdays, fathers day and Christmas day. Why not consider these presents as birthday gift ideas or Christmas gifts ideas.  Undoubtedly your father would be the happiest man on earth!

Set up a video call with your Dad if you don’t live with him.

Thanks to modern technology, you can still see your dad even if you can’t visit in person. That’s right — video call apps aren’t only there so you could use them for your work conference calls. Some video chat applications, like Zoom, let you set your digital background. Surprise him by uploading a Father’s Day-themed background. Sharing a virtual meal, playing fun card games online, creating a shared playlist, or belt out together in a virtual karaoke are just some fun ways to celebrate during the quarantine. Physical presence is not everything; if you can be emotionally there with them, they would need nothing else! 

Give Greetings Cards.

If you are no longer able to deliver a card in person, you can use an online delivery service, just be sure to check the delivery time, because some are now taking longer than usual to reach the recipient. E-greeting cards can be an option too. Get a special Father’s Day e-greeting card with your heartfelt wishes beautifully imprinted on it. Send it directly to your father’s email inbox or WhatsApp and surprise them on a special day. Of course, if you’re living with your Dad, it might be nicer to make them one from scratch. Let your creativity run wild, using whatever materials you have at home (old magazines and newspapers, art resources, cereal packets etc.) to create a truly personal card.

Have a movie/game night if he wants a cozy family celebration.

Spending the evening at home with the family can be a great way to celebrate too. Gather your dad’s favourite movie or TV series or pull out some board games and video games are also great to break out some fun. 

Order takeout from his favourite restaurants.

Bring the food to him if you can’t take Dad to his favourite restaurant. Have it delivered right to your door and enjoy your delicious lunch or dinner as you have a dad-to-dad conversation. You can also create your own Father’s Day dish and set a restaurant experience at home.

Bake a delicious cake & prepare his favourite meal.

If you want to make something extra special, prepare his favourite breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the help of your mother and siblings. Your delicious and tasty surprise will fill him with happiness. Father’s Day surely demands a delectable cake, too! Bake your own version of Father’s Day cake. 

Set up an indoor party.

Put on some music and set an indoor party with the family. There are many recorded concerts online and live streams. You can also search out virtual raves and recreate the nightclub experience in your home and enjoy some live beats from professional DJs. 

Personalized and Hand-Made Gifts.

You have got all the time in the world when you are at home in lockdown. With some of the best DIY gift tutorials available on the web, you can make an explosion box, scrapbook, string of memories, personalized diary, etc. for him. The secret ingredient is your creativity and willpower to design an ultimate Father’s Day present for him. A knitted scarf would be amazing! 

Surprise gifts delivery.

A surprise gift delivery at such a time will surely bring a wide smile to his face. Surprise him with either clothes from his favourite clothing line, a caricature, perfume, shoes or a bunch of flowers and send them to his doorstep with contactless delivery. 

So, these were the ways for Father’s Day celebration at home and far from home. 

By now, we might be starting to plan a surprise for them. Wondering what they want, need and the ones that will surely satisfy them regardless of the price. With this, LatestBuy comes up to list down some ideal gifts that any Dads would love to receive on their special day. Something that they might want and need at the same time.

Me To You Father’s Day Beer Glass Amazing Dad

The illustration of Tatty Teddy appears on a lovely white ceramic mug classic beer glass alongside the message ‘You’re Amazing, Dad’ – making it the perfect gift for a special Dad this Father’s Day. 

Me To You Fathers Day 7″ Big Hugs for Daddy T-Shirt Bear

Spoil Dad with a gift of love from Me To You this Father’s Day! This cuddly 15cm Tatty Teddy wears a pastel blue & white t-shirt printed with the message ‘Big Hugs For Daddy’. 

Gentlemen’s Hardware Plier Multi-Tool (Acacia Wood/Titanium)

This hardworking, scratch-resistant piece features 12 functions including regular & needle nose pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, file, bottle opener, serrated knife and knife. Perfect gift for the most hardworking Dad, too! 

Electronic Neck Tie Sorter Machine

Get your best tie! Helps organize up to 30 ties while keeping them wrinkle-free and in reach. The perfect gift for Dads who are tired of getting dressed in the dark and want to know for sure which tie they’re grabbing out of their closet. 

Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug

Surprise him with the Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug. It doesn’t matter if he drops it, throws it, turns it over or juggles it with a chainsaw and a bowling ball – it’s safe and sound. Beverages will stay hot for 4 hours and cool drinks cold for 12 hours.  

As we all know, Dads will always appreciate all our efforts, whether big or small. You can always put up unique ideas on how you can make your Dads extra special. But we must all know, the true essence of that day. It’s not all the material things that were given but the fact that you made them feel special, appreciated and thankful for all their love, hard work and sacrifices for our family.  

Your dad is the one who is always busy fulfilling all your demands. Let us all give back and make all the fathers feel special on their day. LatestBuy is celebrating with you. Happy gifting! Happy Father’s Day!

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