To Our Superheroes In Disguise, Happy Father’s Day!

father's day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day go hand and hand, one would think. If we celebrate Mom, we should celebrate Dad, right?

Father’s Day is a day where families appreciate their fathers who play an important role in their lives, emotionally, mentally, and morally. This day acknowledges the contribution of fathers to their own families and society. 

When the pandemic arrived, it brought lots of isolated time at home, and many fathers found themselves seeking new and creative ways to relate to their children. While most of the kids have a closer bond with their mothers, this day helps forge a closer relationship with their dads, and sometimes with that in mind, buying a gift for them is a way to express feelings.

This year is different just like the last year: surely, not all businesses are open or operating at full potential due to the pandemic. Also, a big party with numerous members of the family isn’t an option either, and some dads are in the high-risk population, so we better take strict precautions. As more of the country becomes vaccinated and local and federal restrictions lift in some areas, the pandemic won’t interfere with a small but charming gathering, a delicious meal, or a virtual session watching movies or eating food. However, people should always remember to apply general preventive measures.

Celebrating Father’s Day During Pandemic

Time will tell how the easing of the restrictions goes, but in the meantime, it’s time to start planning some Father’s Day gift ideas and things to do! Ideas that will guarantee and fill your dad with an abundance of joy, happiness and love: something we are all in need of right now. Combine the gift you give him with quality time together with ideas.

  • Start the day with a breakfast in bed.

Let your dad have that well-deserved lie-in and bring him breakfast in bed! Prepare his favourite breakfast or something that he wouldn’t normally have time to make, and take it upstairs so they can continue to stay cosy and start the day on a really good foot! 

  • Get crafty with some DIY decorations.

Dads love homemade gifts. Decorate your living space with bunting, pictures and other homemade arts and crafts to show your dad you care. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for decorations and most of them can be made relatively easily and inexpensively. 

  • A hamper of your dad’s favourite things.

You can buy a wicker basket or hamper and fill it with all your Dad’s favourite things: treats such as chocolates or whisky. Things for him to do, make or read, teas or coffee, or little handmade gifts or notes from you. There are also plenty of pre-made hampers that you could get delivered to his door!

  •  An outdoors adventure together.

A walk, hike or bike ride, or even something more active! Take a coffee on a morning walk with your dad, or if your local restrictions allow you to do so, get active in the fresh air with a day hike or a bike ride. 

  • Enjoy a day trip together!

Quality time is the best gift. Choose somewhere special in your local area and make it a day to remember! You can also, take a picnic lunch or choose somewhere nice to go out to eat!

  • Wrap up warm, get your favourite hot drinks, and have a fire pit session.

There’s nothing cosier than a touch of cold air and an excuse to snuggle up to your nearest and dearest.

Why don’t you check out these unique mugs that will surely blend the Father’s Day feeling?

Father Definition Coffee Mug

Father Definition Coffee Mug

Hashtag Dad Lyfe Mug

Hashtag Dad Lyfe Mug

We also have these vintage lamps, which can also be retro-themed home decor, ideal for all motorbike enthusiasts and truck lovers dads!

Décor Motorcycle LED Table Lamp

Décor Motorcycle LED Table Lamp

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Décor Red Semi-Trailer Truck LED Table Lamp

  • Get them a unique and useful gift they can use in their daily activities.

These high-quality kits from Gentlemen’s Hardware is a must in every home! A great gift for every type of Dad.

  • A game night.

Board games or card games, there are loads to choose from and can be played online too!

  • A video call or a video greeting.

As some people don’t get a chance to greet their Dads in person, you can create a short video of your greeting together with clips of memories of you and your dad. It’s something that you can watch together on Father’s Day on Zoom. One can also continue to watch when one of you is missing the other.

Father’s Day holds an incredibly special place in our hearts each year. This pandemic has put a strain on many families, but that burden is now lifting for many, thanks to vaccination. 

In this coming Father’s Day, hopefully, we will be able to see our families more easily, hug them, and celebrate Father’s Day both indoors and outdoors. 

Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at LatestBuy! 
Salute to all our superheroes in disguise!


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