Unique Thinking of You Gifts

Have you got a special someone on your mind? Well don’t just keep it to yourself, let them know that you miss, love or appreciate them by sending them a unique gift from LatestBuy. We have a huge range of personalised thinking of you gifts, that are sure to put a smile on their face and let them know you’re by their side…if only in spirit!

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Dumbo Flying Crossbody Bag


Brighten their Day

Everyone has a tough day, week, month or (heaven forbid) year once in a while and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel can be a challenge. So if you know someone who’s feeling a little down in the dumps, you’d be amazed at what a big difference a small gesture can make. A tongue-in-cheek novelty gift could be just what they need to lift their mood and remind them that life isn’t all doom and gloom…especially when they’ve got you!

Show Them Some Love

However, if you’re wanting to treat your nearest and dearest to a few pressies just because you woke up on the generous side of the bed, then you’ll find lots of inspiration below to buy a token of appreciation or two. Giving shouldn’t just be reserved for Christmas and birthdays, and it’s the times that you least expect to get something back that you appreciate it most. So share the love and top up your karma levels for the month, with these top thinking of your gift ideas.

One for the Little Ones

The look on your kid’s face when they get a new game, gadget or accessory is hard to beat…and the quietude that falls over the house when they’re playing with something new is even harder to beat. If your boy or girl has been a gem helping out, aced their exams or done a good deed, then don’t let it go unrewarded. Show them that their efforts have been noted by treating them to something off their wish list.

If you’re feeling full of warmth towards that special someone, don’t let the moment pass without making it known. Pick out thinking of your present from this collection and they’ll feel even warmer towards you!