The True Story of Santa Claus – Why We Love Him

For most Americans, Christmas comes and goes in four short weeks. Christmas is about giving gifts, especially for kids and the toys they ask for, but most of all, it is a time to thank God for granting their parents’ and their children’s life with Him.

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, and charity. Christmas is about being grateful to our families and friends for their love and kind gestures throughout the year.

The Meaning of Gift-Giving

I am not an expert on the true meaning of Santa Claus or the importance of giving gifts on Christmas, but I do know this much: a theological study and theology are very closely intertwined. The history of salvation history, both Old and New Testament, is deeply intertwined with the history of theology.

When we read the accounts of the giving of the Gifts of salvation, we learn that the followers of Jesus, after his baptism by John the Baptist, became members of the Church called the Essenes. They were a religious sect that was highly respected because of their holiness, charity and missionary work among the people of the Persian region.

The Teaching About The Kris Kringle

The history of the story of Santa Claus, the Giving of Christmas, and the teaching of the true story of Santa Claus, while it may be a part of the story of salvation history, could be considered the true story of Santa Claus.

As I mentioned before, giving gifts and celebrating the true story of Santa Claus are intertwined in the Christian faith. It is the gift of giving that makes Christmas a joyous occasion for believers and non-believers alike. Likewise, some would consider that a true story of Santa Claus would make a great story for kids to tell at Christmas time.

Why People Love Santa Claus

Many people love the wonder of Santa Claus, and the reason is not hard to figure out. Children, and adults, all love the feeling of having a present under the tree or in the mailbox. But, knowing that someone or some special someone is living on earth behind the scenes makes things happen.

The Christmas tree is something that many people enjoy, as is the giving of toys and gifts, but the one thing that people seem to enjoy, and latch on to so tightly, is the aspect of Santa Claus. Perhaps it is the aura of purity, the smile that appears to be in place, even if there are no Christmas gift ideas, insight, or no presents under the tree, but the fact that you cannot see but know that he is watching over you, filling your heart with the joy of having a wonderful Christmas.

There’s A Reason Behind It

Why people love Santa Claus so much is simple, and you do not have to go far to find out why. His presence has touched us at some point. I am sure that if you are reading this, you also have an inner child that yearns just a little bit to experience what Santa brings each year. I know that when I went off to college, I would leave the room when the “man in the red suit” came to visit. I will never forget the smile on my mother’s face as she let me go, and I would not see her again until she would call to come back from her studies and see that the “man in the red suit” was indeed alive and well, living up to his name.

Writing Letters to Him

Why people write letters to Santa Claus is a matter for many, but the reasons are evident. We all have different reasons, but when you write a letter, you write to someone that you love, and you share in the experience of having Santa in our lives. If you do not feel the same way in any given situation, you can open up a letter to Santa Claus and begin a whole new way of sharing Christmas with your children and loved ones.

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