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You’ve got to admit, even if you wouldn’t put yourself down as a technology freak, you wouldn’t get far without those essential gadgets and devices. So indulge the techno junkie in your life with a gadget or gizmo that they’ll be raving about for weeks by checking out the gift ideas below.

Be In Charge of Your Gadgets

We’ve got a whole lot of gadgets in our collection of technology, but what’s the use of a phone, MP3, kindle or tablet if it doesn’t have any battery? So whether you’re sick of running out of charge on the go or you want to accessorise your new gadget with a charger to do it justice, we have every possible type of charger you might ever want or need. From basic emergency ones to high-tech inventions for serious travellers, be in charge of your electronics.

Gadgets for your Desk

It seems that most of us go through life attached to a desk of some sort. We start off with our desk at school and retire from our desk at work. Which is why it’s important to liven up your office a little with gadgets that will make you smile and maybe even make your day easier. We’ve got some awesome USB gift ideas that will revitalise your workplace. Maybe you want some cool speakers for your desk at uni, or perhaps you want to make your office your own when you start that new job – we’ve got something for you.

Technology for Kids

How is it that despite being a good generation younger than us, our kids seem to know so much more about technology? Frightening, don’t you think? But at least it gives you plenty of gift ideas to get them for their next birthday or Christmas. Find some awesome toys and gadgets below that make great gifts for teenagers.

So if you know someone that knows a thing or two about technology, you are sure to trigger their inner geek with one of these latest inventions from our collection of gifts in this guide. Talk about easy geek shopping!