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Star Wars R2-D2 Talking Money Bank

Hear R2 bleep & blurp each time coins are deposited.

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SKU: 2630

Is there no end to the talents of this little astromech droid? One minute he’s delivering holographic cries for help across the galaxy, the next he’s helping fly an N-1 Starfighter or hacking the mainframe of a death star! And NOW he can help you get your finances in order. The R2-D2 Talking Money Bank is the adorable collectible that can keep you entertained and help you save for other Star Wars collectibles at the same time! R2-D2 Talking Money Bank

Every time you deposit a coin in the R2-D2 Talking Money Bank, he bleeps, bloops and flurps just like he does in the Star Wars movies. Completely unintelligible of course – unless you’re a protocol droid who’s fluent in over 6 million forms of communication – but still oh so cute just the same!

There’s something about this 3-legged blue and white bucket of bolts, that will make him a welcome addition in just about any office or room in the house. And though we can’t understand a thing he says, we get a kick out of hearing him chirp and bleep just the same. And the more he bleeps the more you’re saving!

Before you know it, you’ll have saved enough to buy your very own X-Wing (well, that’s if they actually made them). The R2-D2 Talking Money Bank is worth his weight in gold (no offence C3PO), yet so affordable, it’s like picking him up for scrap!


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Product dimensions: 16(H) x 10(W) x 10(D) cm / 6.3(H) x 3.9(W) x 3.9(D) inches.


  • Officially licensed
  • Movable arms
  • Real R2-D2 sound effects

LB SKU: R2D2004