Superfight The History Deck Card Game

  • TIME FOR SOME HISTORIC DUELS! In this expansion, you get 100 more cards to add to your Superfight deck, including VLAD THE IMPALER, ALEXANDER HAMILTON and attributes like MANNING A CIVIL WAR ERA CANNON. SUPERFIGHT is a classic party game from Skybound Games where you argue with your friends over RIDICULOUS fights between RIDICULOUS characters armed with RIDICULOUS attributes.
  • INSPIRED BY HUMAN HISTORY. This expansion gives you more cards to create ridiculous characters with new attributes (like ‘leading 300 spartans’), historical locations and scenarios from the past, and then argue over who would win in a fight.
  • LET THE JUDGES DECIDE. Convince everyone else at the table why your character would win. The player at the end of the night who wins the most of these fights is the champion!


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