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Straw Drinking Glasses

Make a spectacle of yourself.

Say it isn't so!

Oh no! This product's been so hugely popular that it's completely sold out. Reluctantly, we've had to discontinue it until our buying team finds it again, but never fear, just take a look at the closely related products below - we think you'll love them just the same!

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4.00 out of 5


SKU: 2784

There are those designers who dedicate their lives to creating completely pointless and purely for fun products – and we at LatestBuy salute them!

With that in mind, there was a standing ovation in the office when the Straw Drinking Glasses arrived. Pointless, ridiculous, purely for fun – these glasses get a tick in every one of our boxes! There were even a few of us who bowed down and worshipped at their feet (before running for the kitchen to fill our glasses).

Straw Drinking GlassesYou quite simply slip them on your face, slip the straw end in your drink, the mouth piece into your mouth – and suck (got that?). And that’s when your mates won’t be able to believe their eyes as your drink swirls around yours! It gives a whole new meaning to the term “beer goggles”.

Not only will you be able to watch what you’re drinking – everyone else will be able to as well! Of course with no lenses, they’re hardly prescription, so don’t think they’re going to improve your eyesight any – in fact depending on what you’re drinking, it could even blur it a little.

Kid’s party novelties, adult’s party novelties, drinking games, bar accessories, fancy dress – the Straw Drinking Glasses just keep ticking every box!

So, what’s keeping you? Your pair of Straw Drinking Glasses and your countless hours of making a spectacle of yourself await!

1 review for Straw Drinking Glasses

  1. 4 out of 5


    The glasses were as described and they arrived promptly. The only problem being that the tubing was quite kinked from being bent into the box it was sent in with other items. It is hard to get the kinks out – maybe I’ll get some clothes pegs and try to bend them in the opposite directions.

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Straw Drinking Glasses are made from plastic and have a total straw length of 125 cm (4 feet).