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USB Smart Dog Hub

Once multi talented puppy.

Say it isn't so!

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SKU: 2876

The “P” in PC stands for “personal” – so why shouldn’t you personalise your IT gear to reflect you and your likes and dislikes? And every PC already has a “mouse” – so why can’t some of the other members of the animal kingdom get a look-in? It’s time to fetch all your USB accessories, so they can sit and stay out of the way with the USB Smart Dog Hub – the computer user’s best friend!

After all, there’s nothing worse then having to get down to Labrador Level (that being on your hands and knees) and reach behind your PC each and every time you want to connect/disconnect a USB device.

This pooch-esque piece of high-tech hardware is actually a multi-function 4-port USB hub and radio! And you can even take him for a walk! Well – his head anyway. Just unclip his head from his body (unless you’re having Godfather flashbacks) and you’ve got yourself a portable radio you can take to the gym, on the bus or train or just out for a stroll – and you won’t need a pooper-scooper to clean up after him!

And when you attach his head back on – it becomes a speaker!

All it takes is two AA batteries – no doggie biscuits, flea treatments or neutering required. It opens up a whole new world of USB fun (which by the way, we have plenty of – just do a search on “USB” and take your pick!)

So if your old USB hub is about to rollover and play dead and you’re comparing new ones – this cool gadget is “pound for hound” an awesome deal!

Just plug in the USB Smart Dog Hub and this old dog will handle all your new tricks!


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  • USB 2.0 compliant 4-port hub
  • Detachable radio (auto scan 88Mhz – 108MHz)
  • Pair of personal earphones
  • Built-in speaker
  • LED light
  • 3.5 mm audio in jack
  • 3.5 mm audio out jack

The USB Smart Dog Hub itself is approximately 8 x 7 x 6.5 cm in size. The detachable radio is approximately 7.5 x 5.5 x 3 cm and requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).