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Skill Flux Scientific Toy

Science in action!

  • Challenging game of skill
  • Uses Lenz’s Law of electromagnetism
  • Metal tube creates a magnetic field which slows down the ball as it falls
  • Do amazing tricks!
  • Made from high quality materials including aluminium and leather”


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What do you get when you cross science with fun? The Skill Flux! It uses the principles of electromagnetism and Lenz’s Law in a challenging game of skill that involves a metal tube and a steel ball and will introduce you to a skill that is similar to playing with a yo-yo or juggling, but with a more magic-y, science-y feel!

What is Lenz’s Law? A Little Bit of Science!

It’s a little bit complicated for those of us who are not fans of Physics and it’s not the law of magnetic attraction and repelling that you are probably familiar with. The materials used in the tube conduct electricity and create electric currents that constantly circulate due to Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetism. Lenz’s Law comes into play here when you drop the metal ball into the tube; the magnetic field generated in the tube opposes the motion caused by the ball falling through the field, slowing it down as it drops until the ball stops in midair. The faster the ball drops, the stronger the magnetic field and the more abruptly the ball slows.

The reason the Skill Flux is so much fun to play with is in how to balance the ball in the tube. It feels like the ball is defying gravity! You can do amazing tricks and even play with friends!

The Skill Flux is a wonderful alternative to tech gifts for teens at Christmas or any time of the year!


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  • In the box: 1 aluminium cup, 1 super-strong neodymium ball, 1 labeled linen bag, English user manual.