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Umbrellas to protect your shoes & keep feet dry.

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What is the sworn enemy of the shoe addict? Wet weather.

If you’re a gal with a shoe fetish – someone who might be tempted to sell her own grandmother for a pair of Jimmy Choo’s – then you’d probably walk over orphaned baby seals to protect them from being ruined. Luckily (for the baby seals), that won’t be necessary, Shuellas are the answer to Mother Nature’s nasty days.


These perky little boots are like an umbrella for your shoes! Just keep your Shoella’s folded in your handbag – and you’re ready for anything. Shuellas will keep your feet and more importantly your precious shoes dry and protected in wet weather. Yes, even high heels – that’s the whole idea!

They’re designed to be easy to put on and take off over your favourite footwear and then simply secure the Velcro straps. The soles are slip-free to give you plenty of traction on slippery paths and roads and you don’t have to worry about your stiletto’s stabbing through your PVC soles, Shuella’s a specially reinforced to handle the heels.

No more having to dress down and schlep into the office, dodging puddles all the way – just slip on your Shuella’s and you’ll be arriving ready to strut your stunning self straight into the boardroom to close the deal! (Just remember to take them off before you go in.)

Available in pink or black – with carry bag and towel – order your Shuella’s now. Your Italian leather will love you for it!


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Shuellas are made from 100% waterproof material. They are designed to wear over shoes or high heels during wet weather.



  • Velcro straps for quick & easy use
  • Slip free soles
  • Reinforced PVC soles to prevent wear from high heels
  • Each pair comes with carry pouch and towel

Sizes (United States / Australia):

  • US 8 (9.75 inches) / AU 6.5 (24.8 cm)
  • US 9 (10 inches) / AU 7.5 (25.4 cm)
  • US 10 (10.25 inches) / AU 8.5 (26 cm)