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4GB USB Scent Drive

Aromatherapy & storage in one.

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4GB USB Scent DriveFrom the ‘what will they think of next’ department comes the USB Scent Drive. A fragrance diffuser and a USB drive in one? Yep!

But think about it a little more and it all starts to seem more logical, in fact it’s three types of logical – eco-logical, techno-logical and psycho-logical!

Ecologically – Why waste power plugging in a stand-along fragrance diffuser, when you were using your computer’s USB port anyway!?

Technologically – The USB Scent Drive has a massive 4 gigabytes of storage!

Psychologically – Smell is one of our most powerful senses. For instance, they say the aroma of baking bread will give prospective buyers warm, positive feelings about your house. And just the smallest whiff of a particular scent can take us back to a special time or special person or special feeling. So why not take advantage of it!

Imagine putting a collection of your (or their) favourite songs, pictures or videos and your favourite fragrance onto the USB Scent Drive? Imagine how much more powerful the impact will be?

4GB USB Scent Drive

And who knows what it could do for you professionally?! If you think your monthly figures are a little on the nose – add a nice scent before you hand your USB over to your boss for viewing! At the very least, they may be so distracted by the “wow factor” of the USB Scent Drive they won’t pay as much attention to the figures (well, you can only hope).

Perfect for Gadget-nuts and gizmo-holics – order the USB Scent Drive and you’ll come up smelling roses!


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Product dimensions: 1(H) x 2.25(W) x 7(D) cm / 0.4(H) x 0.9(W) x 2.75(D) inches.

The USB Scent Drive is the world’s first USB flash drive with built-in fragrance diffuser.

Fragrance oils not included.


  • 4 gigabyte storage capacity
  • Silver chromed mirror finished alloy case
  • Works as a fragrance diffuser when plugged in
  • Plug-and-Play (Windows and Mac compatible)
  • USB 2.0 (backwards compatible with USB 1)
  • Read speed – 13 MB per second
  • Write speed – 10 MB per second