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Royal Casino Playing Cards

Cards just like in the casino.

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SKU: 2672

Cards are cards you say – well maybe, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking these cards are pretty darn fine.

Firstly, to state the bleeding obvious, Royal Plastic Playing Cards are 100% plastic which does to these cards what starch does to your shirts – makes them crease resistant. It also means they can be wiped clean of the grease, grime or muck that comes from fingers and hands that aren’t entirely spick and span.

All this means you won’t need to toss these playing cards into the fireplace just after you get your paws on to them.

They’re also encased in a semi-transparent plastic for easy storage, so no more excuses and frustration for missing that odd card. The material used for each card is casino grade (i.e. long lasting), so if you’re after dog eared corners, look elsewhere.

…and after some in-house card playing, these cards do a pretty good job of returning to their original flatness, even after some pretty mean bending. They also don’t warp or stick together like others on the market.

We haven’t done the statistical exercise, but word has it these cards last 10 times longer than the standard paper or vinyl cards found elsewhere – so much so they’ve got a pretty loyal following among professional card players.

Next time you’re thinking about outplaying your opponent, dealer or even yourself, why not give the “Mercedes Benz” of playing cards a chance to impress.


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Royal Casino Playing Cards are 100% plastic, housed in a clear plastic display case and come in packs of two decks (red and black). Styles and patterns may vary.

Please note: This product is sold for personal use and its entertainment value only.