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RC Drinks Cooler

Cool drinks at the push of a button!

Say it isn't so!

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SKU: 2641

R/C Drinks CoolerUntil this point, a beer fridge has been every beer lovers dream – but it still has it’s flaws. While it’s cold and it’s convenient, it still seems so very far away from the couch or the banana lounge by the pool. The Remote Control Drinks Cooler is a fantasy come true!

How many nights have you sat around over a few ice cold brews without someone uttering the wish “wouldn’t it be cool if we had a remote control fridge to come to us”. And since trying to train the dog has never quite panned out, the beer gods have sent this dream droid instead.

R/C Drinks CoolerThe Remote Control Drinks Cooler folds down for storage or transport. To operate you simply extend, add drinks, add ice, fight over the handheld transmitter, squabble over whose turn it is, make up names for it like R2Beer2, set up a slalom course of empty bottles over it’s full 30 feet range and have time trials. (Well…everything after the add drinks & ice bit is optional really.)

It’s clear to see that this marvellous misuse of modern technology will be perfectly at home with either your footy mates or at your five year old’s birthday party (yes it holds non-alcoholic drinks as well).

As a gift, this little fella will bring sweet tears of joy to any self-respecting beer lover. We would urge you to order, however, we’re finding the general response is “Shhh…You had me at Remote Control Drink Cooler..”


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The R/C Drinks Cooler is a battery operated remote control cooler. It is approximately 35 cm tall and 30 cm in diameter. It features a carry strap and collapsible design for easy transport/storage.

The R/C cooler requires 6 x C batteries and the remote requires 1 x 9V battery (neither included).

The R/C Cooler can carry up to 12 cans/stubbies or 3 bottles of wine.