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RC Bathtime Duckie

Sure to make kids love bathtime!

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What’s cute as a button and sits in your bath? Oh dear, you just said “me” didn’t you? Well, tiger, we don’t want to ruffle your feathers, but if you thought you had the “Aw” factor, just wait until you get your hands on the RC Bathtime Duckie!

This adorable little yellow duckie might remind you of the one you had as a child – but this baby’s got some grunt! It’s a self-propelled, motorised duck-on-a-mission.

RC Bathtime DuckieIn fact, its the world’s first water-resistant remote control duckie (why no one thought of it before, we’re not sure!).

No longer content just to bob about at the mercy of the bathtub tides – RC Bathtime Duckie is fitted with twin propellers and remote control receiver, so you can circumnavigate the tub, the sink, the pool, a puddle or the Pacific! This web-footed wonder goes backwards & forwards, left & right.

Give it as a children’s gift and you’ll be elevated to the rank of “legend” by the child (and possibly by the parents as well!). Perhaps there’s a bloke you know who’s never grown up – or perhaps your own inner child needs a little nurturing.

Everyone deserves a RC Bathtime Duckie. It doesn’t have any feathers – but it sure will give you a tickle!


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Product dimensions (duck): 8(H) x 6.5(W) x 9(D) cm / 3(H) x 2.5(W) x 3.5(D) inches.

Product dimensions (controller): 3(H) x 9(W) x 5.5(D) cm / 1.2(H) x 3.5(W) x 2.2(D) inches.

The RC Bathtime Duckie requires 2 x AAA batteries for the duck and 2 x AAA batteries for the controller.

The controller allows you to steer the duck forwards & backwards, and left & right.

Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts which may constitute a choking hazard. Recommended for ages 8 and above.